Thursday, 21 December 2017

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This week started out with a brand new release of Apres Ski, our winter-based Plaza store. It's not one that appeals to me as a whole, so not something that I can give a review of, however there are always a couple of good pieces I can add to my wardrobe so I'm bringing you a styled post of this release =) First up though, a feature - Marta-43 is wearing the Black Knitted Dress and I thought it was a really cool pairing with this star blouse making use of the cold shoulders of the dress, it's like the two were made for each other. The jeans are also a pretty different but cool choice for the look, plus the tied-waist jacket, I think they really help make the outfit stand out!
And then my styles - I bought 3 pieces from the release and I've styled each of them. First up on the left is the Mini Fur Trimmed Top, totally not my usual thing, but I was thinking it would look cute as a fur trimmed skirt, and so that's how I've worn it, I think it looks alright^^ The colouring goes really well with this sweater. And it wouldn't be a winter look without some boots, these PPQ thigh high ones are perfect to cover all of the leg and the white is a nice minimal contrast to the cream of the skirt and sweater. I stuck with white for the jacket and belt and overall I think it works and looks pretty good =) Then I bought both colours of the next piece, in the middle the Snow White Sweater, and I'm stealing some style-inspiration from our recent feature from gagapocker =) I love this light wash denim with the cream tone of the sweater, this scarf as an accessory is not my usual thing, but goes well with the style, colour theme, and store release =) I'm also liking these super shiny boots with the look, the tone looks great with the sweater. And then of course I bought the Peach Ski Bum Sweater, which was easy to style as I've been loving and perfecting the styling of pink sweaters since we got our last one in the Plaza! I couldn't resist going all out with the pink, I tried quite a few skirts on before settling on this knee-length option, and accessorising with even more pink. It's too much pink and I love it! I particularly love the clear showing off of the sleeves of the sweater in this look =)

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