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2017 H O T B U Y R E V I E W

Happy New Years Eve! We did this last year, and decided to repeat it again this year, doing a round-up of our favourite Hotbuys of 2017, which was our second full year of the We Wear Hotbuys posts. We've each picked our 10 favourite HB's from this year of 120 to choose from and we've styled them up and presented them to you. This was a real mixed year of HB's with a huge range of styles and trends and colours, with a lot of individual pieces and some repeat offenders in there like straw bags and mom jeans! Hope you enjoy this post =D
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S P A R K L E W A N D 1 2
1 Twisted Hoops 2 Lace Detail Smart Pants 3 Patent Cream Court Heels 4 Patent Red Mules 5 Prada Inspired Faux Fur Bag 6 Vintage Stone Washed Denim 
7 High Neck Designer Shirt 8 Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants 9 Reds Puzzle Bag 10 Metallic Peach Pumps
2017 has had it's ups and downs with Hotbuys, but overall I think we've had a great year with HBs! I had high hopes entering the year and I think I've managed to get some fantastic pieces out of the Hotbuys on offer. While clothing takes up the majority of the HBs, for myself, I was super pleased with the accessories, which is quite the turn for me that makes me smile^ My top 10 choices include 6 accessories, so for me it's been a great HB year on that front - the shoes and bags have just been on great form, particularly towards the end of the year and the pinks and reds are completely spot on! Clothing has had some misses, but I'm quite pleased with several of the pieces and a lot are coming from great RL inspiration in terms of designs and trends, I can only hope everything continues and we get some more fantastic pieces in 2018 =D

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A U D R E Y H E P B U R N .
In this year’s HotBuys, it was all about accessories for me. When I was browsing all the items we’ve gotten this year, almost all of my picks were accessories at first! In the end I wanted also to style some clothing pieces too, so did another browse. When talking about clothes, the two midi skirts I've picked are most definitely my favourites - but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! As you can see, there are no tops this time, only one jacket. I did try to look for a nice top too, but I just didn’t think any of them deserved to be in my top ten list! There a lot of red and pink shoes this year, and I loved them all, but included only my favourite pair here, the Patent Red Mules - I just love the pointed toe on them =) My looks this year are all pretty wintery, as you can see from the make up too and all these big coats, which are perfect for the season, it is so cold here where I live!

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As 2017 comes to a close, so does my second year as Guest Writer and how time has flown! When looking back over this year of Hotbuys, I can’t believe how many hits we had. There are so many that I actually had trouble narrowing it down to a collection of ten! Overall, we’ve had lots of red and blues as well as some hefty designer name drops. My absolute favourite pieces are the Loose Fit Denim Jacket from It Girls and High Neck Designer Shirt from Pretty ‘N Love. They are super versatile which always secures a high opinion from me, and I can see them cropping up in many stylings to come. I’ve also found myself very fond of shoes this year – I could easily have added another three or four pairs but the Patent Red Mules from Rio and Valentino Inspired Heels from It Girls are instant colour-pop classics. Expectations are high now, so let’s hope 2018 is just as promising!

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O V E R A L L T O P 5
 Prada Inspired Faux Fur Bag | Patent Red Mules | Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants | Loose Fit Denim Jacket | High Neck Designer Shirt

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