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I N S P I R E D B Y S A I N T L A U R E N T | Tribute Review

Holiday Tribute season is here! Not sure how many we'll get in total, but here is our first, Inspired By Saint Laurent, bringing the latest collection which you can tell from the homepage advert which has a classic styling and chic black and white design - it grabs your attention and looks oh so chic!
Highlights So two floors for this store, and including one male look in the line up, overall it's about the regular size for a Tribute. This one is based completely off of the Spring 2018 collection of Saint Laurent, complete with a runway-based interior - I was lucky enough to see the real one when I was in Paris on the day of the show this year! I think it's a pretty good collection overall and I'm excited to work with it on my doll =D
Accessories This release has a really nice range of accessories to choose from - but the first thing I notice is a lack of bags! However when you look at the original collection, there isn't a bag in sight^ There are 3 pairs of shoes, and I think they're very seasonally appropriate and all very stylish, first the Saint Laurent Feather Sandals which really are as the name describes. They're pretty delicate and in a versatile black so easy to wear. I like the detail in the strapping across the foot, it looks elegant. Then two pairs of boots, the Black and Electric Blue Feather Thigh Highs, which do seem quite outrageous and out there, but I think actually could be pretty decent. I'm yet to buy them, and I've only seen one person wear either of these pairs since the release, but I think they could be handy to have in the wardrobe^ And there's a couple of extras to be had as well. The Wide Suede Safari Belt is a pretty nice piece, I like the colours and textures it has, but it doesn't entirely seem to fit with the rest of the collection. Then some jewellery with the Saint Laurent Inspired Diamond Hoops (two individual earrings, you get the second when you buy one^) and the Saint Laurent Inspired Necklace, both great pieces and fitting to the collection. They've got a glamorous style and are minimal on the colour front which makes them pretty easy to work with clothing.
Clothing And the main focus of the release, the clothes! There is a very glamorous vibe to the clothes, partly which comes from the original designs and partly from the pieces chosen for inclusion in this release. I also really like that there is quite a classic feel, with most pieces in black or white, which makes them reasonably easy to wear with other items. I think I will start with dresses - there is quite the focus on the mini length, which all 4 of them are. There are also a range of textures and materials used. Firstly feathers and fur with the Feather Ball Dress, which is very glamorous and stand-out, and very much a party-piece, and the Feathered Shoulder Dress, something much more minimal, with a simple body to the dress and then feathers coming out from the neckline - neither of these pieces are really my style, but I think they could look good on the right individual! The other two dresses have differing textures, the Lace Ballerina Dress is the more feminine piece focusing on a lace top half and a tulle tutu-style skirting. It's the sort of piece I could like if the neckline wasn't quite so plunging and the skirt length was a little longer. And the final dress, the Leather Corset Dress, which the name describes, is in a patent leather, which I like the look of actually, but again the short (very short) length puts me off a little ... it might actually make a really nice top instead of a dress, so that's something to consider if you like the idea of the piece! There's also a jumpsuit available, which is one of the more stand-out pieces in the store because of it's pretty colouring; the Silk Thread Playsuit is a shiny silk with blue base and autumnal-toned printing, plus it comes with a belt. The only thing I dislike would be the short leg length rather than a trouser, but that's completely personal preference.
While speaking about leg length, shorts do feature strongly in the bottomhalf choices of the release with two pairs to choose from - the Suede Mini Shorts and the High Waisted Leather Shorts. I have a strange relationship with shorts, I always think they might be a good idea but never really find they are and never really find myself styling them. So while I like the cute tassel additions on the Suede pair and the lovely shape of the Leather pair, I don't think I'd actually ever style them well enough! However I do really like the Black Classic Belted Pants - these are a minimal piece, which look good and fit the doll really well. And I think they'll be really easy to wear in a lot of different outfits with a lot of different pieces. And to go with those bottomhalves, you need some tops, of which there are 6 to choose from, and in a really good range as well =) Let's start with the two bodies that the store has to offer in contrasting colours, the black Saint Laurent Inspired Body and the white Heart Shaped Victorian Body, which also offer contrasting styles with the first a little harder and tight fitting, and the second feminine and loose with delicate frills and lace. The Lace Victorian Puff Blouse also pairs really nicely with the Heart Shaped Victorian Body with the same sort of style vibe going on with it - for me the Blouse is more wearable, but that's just my way of wearing clothes^ Also sheer and a little puff-sleeved is the Gold Speckled Blouse which I think was the first piece I saw and loved immediately from the store - it just looks so elegant and chic and I love the discrete design with frills and ruffles, just perfect! The final piece I want to mention is another stand-out due to the bold colour, the Fuschia Puff Silk Puff Blouse, a snazzy off-shoulder top with amazing texture and puff-sleeves, it just emanates cool-ness! Far too cool for me as well, I really like it but I don't think I'd be able to do it the justice it deserves!!!
Prices This release ranges from 14 to 37SD's, which I think is pretty good for a Tribute, there's really not a lot at the top end of the range. Plus there's no items which are SS/Royalty only, so everyone can buy every piece =)
Styled Outfits I think I could have felt a little more glamorous when styling such a glamorous Tribute, but nevermind, I think I came up with some good ways to fit these new pieces into my own style =) So first up the Wide Suede Safari Belt which I liked because it looks kinda like one from Fendi last Tribute season, and I didn't buy that and regretted it, so no regret this time! I was envisaging wearing it over some sort of woollen cream coat ... the perfect one doesn't exist in either my own wardrobe or the Plaza, so that idea is long gone (but maybe in the future!) I have settled for this cream sweater with this midi brown skirt, both of the tones really let the belt pop and stand out, so I think it works out well for it! The oversized fur is a good colour match, however I don't think the outfit does anything for my doll's shape! I couldn't find the perfect bag, but I do think I found perfect boots^ The second outfit uses the Gold Speckled Blouse, which is a little more sheer than I first thought - my solution was to use the It Girls Mesh Knitted Neck Top and I'm really pleased with the combination for the blouse. I stayed very minimal with black trousers, the blouse is pretty easy to work with a high-waisted bottomhalf and belt, this is one of many pairings I tried out^ Shoes were again pretty simple - I did attempt to find a bag, but none of the ones which looked good with the colour scheme looked great in terms of shape and vice versa, so no bag with this one! And finally the Saint Laurent Inspired Body with the Saint Laurent Inspired Diamond Hoops - both of these pieces are unusual options for me to choose, but I quite liked them this time round. I kept super minimal as there are enough sparkles in the two pieces for the whole look and chose smart black trousers with pointed heels and a hanging jacket plus classic Chanel bag. This outfit works, my eye is drawn to the Saint Laurent pieces immediately so it does the job nicely =D
Features And now so many features for you guys to check out - I found so many good ones, it seems this collection is a fan favourite =D First up is andre1396 wearing the Leather Corset Dress - and wearing it very well as a dress! The polo makes a great base layer for the dress and makes it more wearable, as does the addition of these thigh high boots which cover most of the skin. Plus they have a nice velvet texture against the leather. I love the mystery that they round hat adds covering most of the face with the veil too^
A couple of looks next with the Fuschia Puff Silk Puff Blouse which does seem pretty popular! France25 wears it with the Saint Laurent Inspired Diamond Hoops and pairs it with a rather fabulous fuschia eyeshadow look. The black pieces in the rest of the look make a solid grounding for the fuschia, and I love the neck tie and draping length to the ankle. And not only has the Fuschia Puff Silk Puff Blouse been styled here, there are some fabulous additional stylings in the background =)
Then also in the Fuschia Puff Silk Puff Blouse is polinapolinka going for a more causal styling choosing a light and ripped denim, completely different but also very much working well for the piece! I like the little additions to this styling, like the red belt-bag, the quirky shoes, and the very fitting makeup look - it's perfect for the style!
Moving on to something a little more subdued from juliette116 with the Lace Victorian Puff Blouse in this layered styling. The sleeves look fantastic contrasted against the velvet black vest ontop of the blouse, they really stand out. Love the dusted pink trousers and all those accessories chosen, they suit the styling well =)
A second styling with the Lace Victorian Puff Blouse comes from MissSierr, but also adds the Silk Thread Playsuit and wearing it as a shirt - I think it looks good! It layers nicely with the jeans, which is a little surprising to me, so maybe I should give this a go. The lace looks nice in the deep V of the playsuit and matches with the white jeans well. Love the black accessories, I think them paired with the white really make the look pop!
rob_sef7 has indeed been wearing a lot of black-based looks recently and this is a good one to add to the archive^ Featuring just the Saint Laurent Inspired Diamond Hoops, this is a great way to sell them! They look fantastic with the black shirt and silver glittered maxi tulle skirt, plus with the red lip, that is a great beauty choice for them^
Now something bright for you to look at, from Marta-43 wearing one of the Saint Laurent Inspired Diamond Hoops and also the Electric Blue Feather Thigh Highs - I am so glad to see someone wear these boots, and in such an amazing way! I think that this gives me hope that they really can look great, we all just need a little time to think about how to style them =) I also love the earring combination, they're a stylish pairing.
And finally from this style-queen pandaribbon! Four great looks featuring pieces from this release. I really quite love the first look with the Lace Victorian Puff Blouse layered on top of this blue dotted dress. The orange stands out so well, such a great combination. The second is also pretty nice combining the Heart Shaped Victorian Body with the silk pink floral skirt, they're a cute pairing that's inspiring me to buy the body^

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