Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #227

This bag is the Hotbuys Suede Fringe Purse from Bizou and was released in March 2015, not all that long before we started doing We Wear Hotbuys posts on the blog, so I've had it since then and although I've maybe worn it once or twice, I've not really been able to show how much I do like it! It's in a neutral black, so easy to pair into looks with many colours and styles of clothing, and I like the fringing too, it's still cool even almost 3 years later. Plus I like the handheld style, I think it works out really nicely. So I know I wore this dress in another challenge look not too long ago, but I really felt like it was great with this piece too! And I picked these patent ruched boots because they're amazing and I had to seek them out at the weekend in the Bazaar as I was having major regret over not buying them, and I think they're the perfect choice for this outfit and bag =D

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