Monday, 18 May 2020

V I N Y L | Styled Outfits

Week 6 of the VINYL window releases - this week we had 3 female windows to choose from, and I think this is quite a low point in the releases. The pieces are just disappointing and overall, really not great - sorry if you don't like me saying this, but it's my opinion. The week also included a male floor, which wasn't any more exciting. I did pick up a couple of items to share looks with you though:
First up the Open Woven shirt which is a pretty standard piece, I like that the open neckline isn't too wide, but it's big enough that you could show off a necklace through it still. I also like the tighter fit compared with some of the looser ones, so I think it looks good with this slim-fit skirt, the silk styles look great together, I think they're very complementary items to each other. I kept the look a little street with the leather jacket and I loved using these strappy sandals^ And then we have the Bag Bag (I mean these names are really not doing the pieces any favours!) which is in a great green colour, we really have nothing in this shade already. I actually found a couple of pieces which I think will be perfect with this bag, so I look forward to wearing it again already, but this time I picked this slinky dress - the green paneling in the dress is a great colour match for the bag! The styles look great together, and really are the focal point, I struggled to add anything else without it looking too much, so I stuck with simple black strapped shoes again, but did add a little glamour in these earrings (which look great against the dark hairstyle) and I love the outcome. For all my dislike of this weeks releases, I do think these two pieces are gems amongst them!

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