Monday, 4 May 2020

I T G I R L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Here is our 3rd instalment of It Girls:Recoloured, and really it's another great addition to our Plaza! This release has some of the more popular recolours and styles from last week in an additional set of colours, which I really think everyone is loving having^ Along with the new recolours - I find I'm excited to see what we get in It Girls each week now, although I'd also be ok with a little less neon, bring on some florals and pastels =D
First up with the features is millaxx wearing the White Bandeau Top, but also the White Fannypack from last weeks release^ This is such a cute Summery styling, the top looks great layered under the light toned blazer, and the white really pops out paired with the belt bag against the beige trousers - really loving all of the accessorising with this look!
And then we also have ajenkam styling the Oversized Padded Jacket White which looks super cute in this glam outfit - I love the sparkly pieces used beneath, the top combination looks great against the bright white. The light wash denim add a more casual touch while the white accessories are smarter and really complete the look nicely =)
I bought quite a few pieces in this release, firstly the LE Ather Slim Suit and you notice I did buy the matching Pants, but decided to style them separately to see if they could work well alone, and they do! For the first look I was very set on styling up a skirt and I'm so glad, I love how this has worked out! The light fabric and flowing style of the skirt is a great contrast to the black leather, this one has black detailing so works perfectly well. I picked black leather boots for balance and then chose yellow from the skirt to highlight in the accessories, I really love it^ Next the LE Ather Slim Suit Pants and the Green Small Clutch Bag which I also think work very nicely together. Annoyingly I don't have anything else quite in this shade of green, so I settled for a vaguely similar neon top, it's not too bad with the bag shade really, I should embrace the difference more! I accessorised with white to match the writing on the bag, and I think the jacket works really well to mix all of the colours together in this one. And for the final styling, the White Bandeau Top and the Pink Small Clutch Bag in a super light look compared to the first two. For me the top is very much a layering piece, I'm unlikely to wear it alone, but it works well with some of the sheer tops I have, so that is what I've gone for in my styling, and I think the white trousers work well for a match. That way the pink of the accessories really pops - I even added some earrings, they're a perfect finishing touch =D

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