Friday, 8 May 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | May 2011

I'm struggling to believe that these HB's came out 9 years ago - but they really did =O It only feels like a couple of years for sure! They're a pretty good Spring/Summer set with bright colours and some patterns and fairly wearable styles. I've only ever owned a couple of these - the Hot Buys Skirt in a cute white polka dot got sold a while back, the orange shade isn't quite right for me, but I don't mind the shape or overall design of the piece. But I do still have the Hot Buys Bag, which is in a very bold purple and quite an iconic shape - but just because it's iconic, doesn't mean it's popular or easy to wear! I think I've maybe worn it once or twice in it's 9 years in my wardrobe, and I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone else style it, so today I'm giving it a go:
So it's a mixed bag of looks - I wanted the first one to work out so badly, but I just don't like it so much, I think it's the contrast between the dark trousers and the light sheer top. I like the bag and the trousers together for sure though, so I'd wear that again, just need to work on the rest of the outfit. This is the bag at full size and the 'correct' angle, for the second look I resized the bag a little smaller and adjusted the angle, and I think it work so much better =D And I love the whole look too, something totally different yet using some of my favourite pieces together. I really have no clothing pieces that match the colour of the bag perfectly, so this top isn't too bad a fit, and actually I think it works out really quite well. The bead details are perfect for adding colours to, the white trousers work well to make it a light look and fit with the buttons nicely. And the black beading does fit with the trim detail on the bag - I added more black to tie them together more, and I think it balances out very nicely. I really love the outcome of this one, I'm very pleasantly surprised!

I'd love to see you guys styling up this bag too, it's a fun challenge to take on =)

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