Wednesday, 13 May 2020

V I N Y L | Styled Outfits

Week 5 of the VINYL releases is here - for me this is the least exciting week, not so many pieces I want to wear, and I think you guys feel the same as I haven't really seen many stylings with these items. The pieces just aren't as good as previous and don't fit the styles I like really. I did pick up a couple of things to style though - I would also have loved to buy the Square Pants, but the fit doesn't look good on my doll, I do like the checked pattern though^ First up the Knitted Sweater - I do like it, but have a couple of reservation, I think the white tulle sleeves will make it harder to be a versatile piece, they won't work for everyone, but I love the black and white floral design on the front, it looks great. I used the sleeves to my advantage for this look and chose matching floaty white trousers, I think these are a great fit^ I liked adding a few dark accessories and I think this works well with the design, I'm really pleased with this earring choice actually, love that I'm trying to step outside my comfort zone more with earrings! Next up the Chain Earrings, which do get a little lost in the blonde, I think a darker hairstyle would be perfect for them. I really like this look, it's kind of typical me, but I think the snake print shirt looks good with earrings like this and I've added gold details throughout - but it's missing a slim chain necklace for sure^ And finally the SSSENSE Heels which I think are the most versatile piece of the week, the light colour and slim strap design are great current features for a Summer shoe. I love the smart styling with them, the trousers are a perfect length to show them off, and the white shirt keeps it light for the season. And accessorised with my favourite sunglasses - super easy styling that will be timeless =)

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