Friday, 1 May 2020

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's week 3 of our daily VINYL releases in the Plaza, and another pretty good one! It's definitely a little mixed, I thought Monday and Thursday were great releases but Tuesday and Wednesday not so much - and I think you guys felt a little the same as it's the Mon+Thurs pieces I'm seeing styled more than the others. First up we have France25 styling the Pink Silky Skirt which is very much lilac despite the name! This is such a cool combination, I love the paired shoulder slung blazers, both the colour and style work really nicely overall. The accessories are great, those necklaces really are super eye catching and the colours are perfect =)
Then we have two looks with the Rain Dress, firstly from isajapa who has gone with a leathered based styling to match the texture of the piece. I love the brown belt addition so much, it's really a perfect fit and also works so well with the earrings! The bag is also a cute addition, the sheen to the leather works well in the look and the colour makes a very nice contrast^
Also in the Rain Dress is MissTangera who has gone for the 'legs out' styling, it works well both ways - but a belt to cinch the waist is clearly a must with this piece! I love all of the other brown tone pieces added, these shoes look super cute with the socks, and this bag is just great in the styling - plus it opens the option for my my favourite inclusion of the blue sunglasses!
And finally we have MeLolitka styling the Croc Boots in this stand out look for them - the black makes a perfect base for the blue to really pop! I think the loose leg design to the trousers works well for the boots, and the oversizing of the blazer is a nice touch too. Love the white cuffs of the shirt to pair with the bow as well. The bag is great, a fabulous match for the boots, and I love the eye makeup to fit the style too =)
I picked up a couple of pieces this week - first up the Pink Silky Skirt which I just thought was the perfect addition to the Plaza as soon as I had seen it^ I was a bit basic with my styling, I thought I would have done something better, but I think I wasn't feeling so inspired this time - the shirt works, and I really like these feather heels with the skirt, but I think there are so many better ways to wear this piece! Second I styled the Black Square Handbag which is a super popular style in RL at the moment. I struggled a little because the look was better with a coat, however that made placing the bag tricky as mostly it was half covered, so I had to go without the coat. The all black styling works well, and I like the matching pattern on this top too to work with the bag, I'll definitely repeat this combination^ And finally styling the Croc Boots and matching Ganni Handbag which are such a cute and bold pairing! I really like the blue shade with the brown as in the store, so I made good use of one of my several brown midi-skirts, this one is spot on for the look I was going for and I think it works perfectly with both pieces. I would have loved a matching brown polo, but I don't have one in quite the right colour, but I think the beige works well too to lighten the look. Of course I had to add my favourite blue sunglasses, haha =D

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