Wednesday, 6 May 2020

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Time for week 4 of VINYL releases - for me this was the most disappointing set, it really doesn't have current pieces in stylish designs, the looks really don't fit well together (even within an outfit the pieces don't work). They just seem very young to me, camo and leopard leggings aren't pieces I can see being worn in a good way - but please feel free to prove me wrong! I did pick up a couple of items, and these were the ones popular with others too - millaxx is wearing the Green Highwaist Trousers and the Beach Handbag which look good together. I love  the white shirt combination on the top, the frill details and the bow added around the neck really add to the new pieces and make the look work. I love the neutral accessories in the delicate earrings and the perspex heels, they look great with the bag^
Despite not loving the release as a whole, I'm very pleased with the pieces I did buy and the looks I've put together for them! First up the Green Highwaist Trousers which I really liked styling, there's quite a few colour tones which work well with this one so I had more tops to choose from that I thought I would have, I really like this floral one to bring the look into Spring^ It was super easy to accessorise with some matching tones, I love that these shoes are a perfect colour-fit for the trousers, that's a total dream! Next up the Beach Handbag which I knew I wanted to style in a neutral look, this was the quickest one to put together once I'd picked out the dress, the colour is pretty much identical to the bag. I picked quite smart shoes, but I think this style of look would work with many different ones. There are some cute earrings in this look, but they're a little lost in the hairstyle - now I'm looking at it I wish I hadn't used these sunglasses, they're a little too dark on the lenses for the styling, but nevermind! And finally the White Flower Headband and the White Handbag (which came out on the final day this week, but wasn't shown in the store window) which look cute as a pair - I knew immediately that I wanted to wear them with something super flowy and feminine, and I think this white dress is perfect for that. I'm really not a headband person, but I just found this one easy to style, and it went with a lot of different dresses when I tried them on. The bag is super easy too, although a little hidden in the look, it's a simple white piece with gold hard wear, so easy to fit into a lot of different looks!

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