Friday, 15 May 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | May 2014

Another look waaaay back in time at the May 2014 Hotbuys today! These are pretty colourful, with a lot of prints and patterns to choose from, I'm not sure they'd go down too well if they were released now, 6 years later, but they're fun pieces. I think at some point I did have the Hot Buys HiTech Heels at some point, but no longer do, however I have kept a hold of maybe the most boring piece of the collection, the Hot Buys Leather Shirt, which is definitely a piece I've styled here and there but keep meaning to give more focus to! I have seen a couple of people style it up over the years, and it's a great piece, it deserves some limelight =)
I took a few attempts at styling this shirt, the first day I wasn't feeling very inspired, so I took a break and came back the next day, which worked out perfectly because I'm really loving these looks! It's something which seems very different to see on my doll, but I think they suit her really nicely^ The shirt has a very masculine style fit, it's boxy with no fitted shape, and I think that scares me a little - hence why I've added jackets to each of these looks. First up with the light blazer, I was surprised that these two worked together nicely, the dark buttons on the jacket help a lot. That inspired me to choose a lighter trouser and I think these are such a great style contrast to the leather of the shirt, I love it^ I went for black in the accessories and I think it balances really nicely. For the second look I added more leather with this jacket over the shoulder, I think the style works well. I tried a lot of different colours for the trousers, because the look really needed something, in the end I decided on the green and I think it's perfect for a stand out styling =) And I love the accessories with this one - you'll also notice I've picked earrings for both looks, that definitely impresses me too!

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