Monday, 11 May 2020

I T G I R L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's our 4th release of It Girls:Recoloured now, and wow it was a great one! I think it maybe was our largest release, so many things to choose from, mixing some of the previous recoloured items with some new ones and getting fun colours to choose from - I could still use a little less neon, but there are some great basics in here in wearable colours too =D First up a quick feature, sarah_1980 wearing the Fendi Inspired Thigh High Boots Neon Green and the Blanciaga Jacket White which balances well with the neon tones. I think there are so many options for this oversized piece, this is a great way to wear it. I particularly like the layering of the green boots with the shimmery sheer trousers, it really mutes the colour a little and gives such creative vibes - plus the pink bag works perfectly in there too^
And for my stylings - I actually bought quite a lot of pieces, so many pairs of shoes! I was really impressed by all of them, so there will be more looks to share in the future. First up the Mirrored Thigh High Boots, which I just love so much, the shape is great for a pair of boots and the colour is super stand out - it's not quite gold or orange, so I think people may shy away from them a little, but they're so worth the challenge to style! I went with hints of gold, the clothing are much lighter tones, more yellowy which I think has ended up perfectly, and then the gold in the bag and glasses is quite minimal - these boots do all the talking! Next up the Black Animal Pants, which are a dupe of the Royalty Green Animal Pants we got earlier this year, which I mention specifically because I really like those, and have them, but the colour gives me heart palpitations, it's so bold - this black pair are a perfect alternative^ I didn't mean to go all out leopard with them, but I love the quirky outcome, it just works pretty well together. The red colouring in the shoes is perfect for some flair which I continued in my bag choice - I really like this one =) And finally the Soft Pink Thigh Highs which are just gorgeous, the colour is beautiful, in fact almost everything I tried on with them looked so good, it was hard to pick something! I'm so glad I went with this dress though, it's a tricky one to wear and I think the boots are a great fit to highlight the pink tones in the pattern. I picked out this bag that I've not worn in such a long time either, and I think it's a great fit with the look, the lighter colour really looks good with the floral print, and even added earrings too, these are super cute, and pretty fitting to the overall styling too! I really love this set of looks, I think I've been trying out so many new and different things with these re-colour releases, it's super fun =D

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