Monday, 23 March 2020

T R A I L S | Styled Outfits

Last week brought us a brand new TRAILS release, which has been a hit or miss store for me, I often will only buy 1 thing, but this time, the accessories of the release are absolutely amazing! The styles and designs are current and trendy, and I've found them very easy to style up for you today^
First up the Pearl White Bag, which is in the very trendy beaded style, we've had this similar design before in black, but a white or pearlescent one is perfect to add to the Plaza! I kept my look light and this mint colour is great with the beads. White in the rest of the style makes the focus on the mint and bead pairing. It's such an easy to wear style for sure! Secondly the All Around Handbag, which I think was a given for me to purchase for it's white colour. I also love the design, the size is nice and the tie details on the handle are fantastic. I went a little dark on this style with the black polo, but I loved the standout look of the striped trousers - the bag can definitely be described as quite basic, so it can take a fun print to make the look stand out. The white blazer brings the look back for sure, and I think it works pretty nicely =) And finally a pair of shoes, the Slip In Heels which are in a great beige/nude colour making them super versatile. I love the the chunk of the heel and also the square of the toe, I think these will be a winning pair over the Spring/Summer season. I found a lot of sweet dresses which worked well with these, so I look forward to making more stylings, but this time I went with this beige floral piece, as the colour really looks amazing with the shoes. I kept the accessories very fitting with the colour and added gold in the necklace as a little something detailed.

Let me know what you thought of this release and your favourite pieces too!


  1. I really enjoyed this collection, I think the garments are versatile, btw love your outfits, they're very elegant

  2. In love with the outfit with the green pants!

    - millaxx