Sunday, 6 March 2016

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Feature Set

Friday came with a special collection of Young Hollywood based on the recent Academy Awards (or Oscars) event. Now I loved checking out all the red carpet and after party looks and usually enjoy seeing some of my favourite pieces being recreated on Stardoll - but I felt like this time was a bit of a let down. For me, none of the pieces were spectacular or even hugely desired - and even as I write this there's still some of most of the pieces remaining in the Plaza so this is a slightly universal feeling I guess. I'm not sure if it was the graphics or the gown selection, but this release didn't come with the usual buzz, which is a shame!
I did manage to find a few dolls who have styled the pieces pretty well - and so instead of a review or Styled Outfits, here's a 'Feature Set' for tonight's post =D Firstly minaj131, styling the Rachel Oscars Gown in a very creative way to make it more suited to a colder season - and I think the polo works so well with it! It's also been accessorised well with matching emerald earrings and heels:
Then there's Miver, going with the Gaga Oscars Top. It's a pretty stand out piece on it's own so it doesn't need much in terms of other clothing pieces. White trousers seem a given, but alike here you don't have to get the matching pair because there are a lot of similar ones which have been released in the plaza in the past and at a smaller price! I love the earrings and accessorising with purple, plus that pink lip is great!
And lastly SarahVIP who chose to get the Gaga Oscars Trousers and wear them in a slightly more casual and less dressed up way. I think this slightly sheer white blouse is a great classic combination for them and the accessorising is minimal but stylish with the fringed earrings =) 

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