Tuesday, 29 March 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Our regular Callie's Picks release was given to us last week - and it sure had some great items! It's themed on 'Spring Essentials' and although it seems more like a summer advert, it sure does catch my eye with the bright tones and blue skies!
I do feel like they jumped ahead a little with the brights on the ad, because they're the only true brights in the whole collection - it doesn't bother me much, but definitely doesn't meet my expectations of some bright pieces to match those we've seen on the homepage.
I'll start with the accessories. Nothing caught my eye as a must have, really. I do quite like the Green Oversized Bag which we know from PPQ, and also the PPQ SS13 Sunglasses which I had to check I owned before accidentally re-purchased! I'd rather they were a suite piece than a Beauty Parlor piece, but that's just a small issue. In thinking of current trends, I think the Teal Plastic Tote could be a good purchase too. A pair of yellow shoes are always something I keep an eye out for because you really never know when they will come in handy - so I was happy to purchase the Snake Print Heels, even moreso because they're just 65SC's^
Clothing pleased me so much more - and not just the bright Sunny Smile Sweater and the Market Fresh Shift Dress! I love these two pieces, the sweater is something I always sway on, but I'm happy to have it again to give it another go, while the dress is something I've always admired and am now delighted to own =) There are a few classic loves available, namely in the Oversized Chambray Shirt and the Wide Arm Trench. I'm still thinking about the both of them, I'm not sure I like them enough to purchase but I'd quite like the challenge of them - help me decide!!! Another great piece included in this release is the Taupe Slouchy Sweater, a piece I always love getting out of my wardrobe to style, so it's good that it's available again. In terms of bottomhalves available in this release there were a couple of pairs of jeans, but I really wasn't feeling them. It's good that the Elle Spring Denim Shorts are here again, they've got a nice shape and I think they could be styled well into many looks. Then also I have to mention the Inspired By Chloe Skirt - I do think we might have had this before in a Callie's Picks release (or am I wrong?), but it's still a good item! It's definitely got the whole retro vibe going on, which totally works out, but I think it could be modern too - I'd love to see some of you give it a go =D
Pricing ranges between 8 and 22SD's, with most items below 18 which I think is pretty great! The accessories are also appropriately priced. There are several coin items too, also great. And as well there are a few SS/Royalty only pieces, but that's what we've come to expect with these releases so it doesn't bother me about the store at all.
Just a quick few Styled Outfits from me giving my own input on styling the Sunny Smile Sweater and the Market Fresh Shift Dress - the second look I particularly like with all that white pairing and then some darker, but with yellow, sandals^
And a couple of features with the Market Fresh Shift Dress in different styles. The first is ROYALTI_Anna going with classic white and black paired with the fruity colour. I love this shirt beneath the dress, it completely works for both the pieces. Also nice detailing in the earrings^
And secondly fame.lady.gaga. going for a skirted look with the dress, which works for it too. The fruits also work well with the mustard sweater, going for a warmer look rather than a summer style.

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