Friday, 4 March 2016

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Release Review

Monday came with a new Original Future release! We got a little spoiler on Instagram the night before which looked pretty good - a lot better than the homepage ad I think! This ad just didn't sell it for me, the colours are definitely store appropriate but it doesn't make it look attractive to me unfortunately!
So there was the regular one-floor release for this store, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed seeing the store from the advert above because it's pretty different - in a good way! Everything seemed much more chilled out and versatile than I was expecting, which I am glad about because sometimes Original Future releases can have some true gems in them^
Accessories didn't do anything for me, so I amn't going to talk about them at all in this review. This release was clearly all about the clothing! Most of it really looks great and there's a few items for the male dolls in there too which really fit with the rest of the pieces. I'll start with the 'whole items' - a few dresses and a pretty neat Denim Utility Jumpsuit which I think could look awesome in fashion week styled outfits! I quite like the idea of the Knot Waist Dress but it just doesn't work for my doll, the Casual Jersey Dress on the other hand didn't sit with me at first, but I love it on my doll despite the length and ended up purchasing it =) There are quite a few tops and sweaters and outerwear pieces available in a few colours and slouchy styles, perfect for right now in the season and trends. The Baggy Marl Sweater, in particular, stands out as a great piece to style! And another fashion-week-ready item would definitely be the Chunky Frizzy Sweater - not a fan of the name as it seems more like fur or feather than frizz to me, but I love the piece and am super excited to see many great looks with it! And then bottomhalves, with more cool items^ The patterns on the McQ Leggings are modern, which I think people will like, plus we haven't had much like this in previous releases. But what stands out to me are the Shredded Low Jeans. Yes, I do have enough pairs of boyfriend and shredded and ripped jeans, but I couldn't resist this pair, I think they're great and will easily fit alongside my other pairs!
The prices for this release range from 7 to 19SD's with only a couple of items at the top end. I think all the pieces are fairly priced for what they are and what other similar pieces are priced at.
And now my looks, I have been looking forward to working with these pieces all week! Firstly 3 looks with the Shredded Low Jeans and I managed to work them with 3 different footwear choices, really showing off their versatility and different styled tops, including slouched, tee and collared shirt. I think these looks are a pretty good sell for the jeans, don't you?
And then the Casual Jersey Dress, styled in a pretty formal way with a blazer but kept in the 'cool-crowd' with these buckled booties. And then my favourite piece, the Baggy Marl Sweater. I styled it in a pretty typical look for me, but I love my use of this bag with these boots with the sweater, I anticipate many more stylings with this item!

How did you guys find this release? See anything you love? Let me know in comments!

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