Wednesday, 16 March 2016

R U N W A Y | Release Review

Last week we got yet another limited collection, this time Runway! I like the fact that they've used the same style of ad as the last time but just updated it with the latest releases - for me this works well for the brand and makes it memorable. Let's take a look inside =)
We got two floors again like last time, but there is a lot more on offer with this release in terms of the size of the store. And this definitely added more variety and gave more to choose from, plus hopefully more styles to cover more people's likes^
As I write this on Sunday afternoon, there are still quite a few pieces left in the store. I think this is a very much down to a rather large overflow of limited collection releases recently and people aren't being so bothered by them as much anymore. Some of the pieces definitely would need an acquired taste to wear - of all of the latest runway shows, I do think there could be more wearable pieces, but hey, I'm not complaining about what we did get!
Starting with accessories - there weren't any bags with the release, which I actually didn't notice until now! The one necklace, the McQueen Inspired Layered Necklace, is very pretty and very on trend. Had it still been available when I logged in I would definitely have purchased it! There are a whole lot of shoes available, which I really like because it gives us a good variety. There's a lot of black going on and then there are a couple of bright red pairs - both the Vivienne Westwood Inspired Boots and the Libertine Inspired Fuzzy Booties. Not sure about the furry ones, but I can get behind the Vivienne Westwood pair! I wasn't so much a fan of any other pairs really, but I quite like the idea of the Julien Macdonald Cage Heels, they just didn't work on my doll. Oh, and the Rodarte Inspired Frill Sandals are definitely something - I applaud anyone who gives them a good go at styling!
Clothing wise, everything really was individual, like nothing in particular came as a set or anything, something which I like the idea of but not for all the time! There's mostly dresses but some trousers thrown in too - a bonus, I always like a good pair of trousers and I found that in the Felder Felder Inspired Pants this time. These are like the up to date version of the first season LE pair (I'm sure you know the ones), they're a very similar colour and style with the glitter, but these are high waisted and are slim fitting to the leg. I own both these and the LE pair so I'm probably going to do a bit of a comparison of the two at some point. There was a good range of dresses. I'll start with the 4 maxi dresses which really covered all styles with minimal in the The Row Inspired Dress, moving into detail in the Vera Wang Inspired Dress and then super patterned with the Erdem Inspired Gown. I like the two on the minimal end, but so far haven't purchased either, I want to ensure if I'll wear them or not before committing to them! There's 4 other patterned dresses too, the Herve Leger Inspired Dress, the Alice Olivia Inspired Mini, the Libertine Inspired Sparkle Dress and I'd put the Julien Macdonald Inspired Dress in that category too^ I do quite like all 4 of these pieces actually, but in the decision of purchasing I just ended up getting the Alice Olivia Inspired Mini - it has a unique style and design and I love both the coloured print and the neck bow, very cute^ And lastly the outerwear, which was a small number of pieces but primarily the Rodarte Inspired Faux Fur and then my favourite piece, the Rodarte Inspired Pleather Coat - this coat was the piece I knew I had to have as soon as I'd seen the spoilers. It's not to everyone's taste, but I really love it so much! I can't wait to wear it =D
Prices for this release ranged from 35 to 105SD's, with the majority of pieces below the 60/70 mark. I think the prices were good for the items, and even the items I've been on the fence about, it's not the price that's putting me off. The prices are also very much in line with the last collection, so that's a nice consistency that I like to see!
Just one set of Styled Outfits for you today with the Felder Felder Inspired Pants. I love their tones and they suited neutral and earthy colours pretty well and so that's what I flowed with - I particularly love the last look and think they are great with the combination of the Mini Me Handbag and the Open Heel Boots =D
And a few features now to end the post! Firstly aby400 wearing the Vivienne Westwood Inspired Double, a piece which really doesn't work for me, but looks amazing here! It's styled simplistically with silver Diors, a bag and some shades - it totally works out well =)
Then Mia1435 wearing the Jenny Packham Inspired Dress - we can always rely on this gal to take an unusual piece and blow it out of the woods! I love the styling and the shoulder chains with it are like a match made in heaven, along with those black locks - just perfection^
And lastly Markhinos. going for the Vivienne Westwood Inspired Boots in a look with swayed me to purchase these on Sunday afternoon^ They suit black and white well and stand out greatly with the other red accents to the look!

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