Sunday, 20 March 2016

# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y

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I've been getting so much more into interior design recently and I've been testing out different things with my suite and wanted to give a little update^ So this is my main suite room, and I actually styled it back in September when a new Minimalism floor came out - but I've given it more of a makeover this week, and we can't call it our wardrobe room anymore because the wardrobe has gone! I still kept the base of my design but re-chose my furniture and artistic decor. Instead of the golden-y hue sort of colours I was going with before I've now gone for more blacks and whites and greys, with small accents of colour with the plants and some of the paintings (that's a Missoni Home woven styled painting on the shelf^). I really finished it off later in the week with the three StarDesign interior pieces by StarMYCLA - she has 8 of these cool monochrome geometric StarDesign pieces and I think they're pretty amazing, I've seen them in quite a few suites too so I know they will only grow in popularity! They were exactly what I was needing to finish off this part of the room and they are the perfect style that I was looking for - I have another one waiting to fit into another room too^
Yeah, so haven't my interior skills started improving so much? I definitely think so, and I'm itching to get around the rest of my suite =D

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  1. Love the choice of furniture and the colors x Great job!

    I need to buy these Stardesign interiors asap!