Saturday, 8 June 2013

Worn-in Comfy Jeans

Last week I had a DKNY craving, I've no idea where it came from, but I just wanted DKNY and lots of it! So I headed to the bazaar and bought a whole bunch of items, including these jeans - which I spent like 3 hours looking for at a decent price!
I have been loving boyfriend jeans lately and these really fall easily into that category. When I have mentioned boyfriend jeans before some people have been confused, thinking I mean your actual boyfriends jeans - these are not, I repeat NOT your boyfriends jeans, the term just refers to the style! Anyway, here's how I've styled them:
Decades Three-Quarter Striped Top, Sonia Rykiel Black Embellished Purse, Velvet Orchid Studded Stilettos
Now I had actually styled 3 outfits with them, but after looking at the on photoshop I decided I really didn't like the other looks and that I would never wear them, so stuck with just this one, which was my favourite.
I chose the breton top for it's versatility, I find they can easily be worn in summer or winter, and I was really feeling it in a summer manner today in the heat (Scotland, believe it or not, has been 20 degrees the past 3 or 4 days and will be for the rest of the weekend!!!). I paired it with black accessories, as these are quite small pieces, I don't feel they make it look more wintery, and I find they work quite well!

Do any of you guys have these jeans? If so, how have you worn them?

Love K xxx

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