Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hotbuys Disco Collar Top

Styled outfit for today focuses on this Hotbuy:
It came out a couple of weeks ago(review here) and I promised this post back then but never quite got around to it - but here it is! Better late than never eh? =) Anyway, here's how I styled it:
1. Pet-a-porter Brown Matelasse Pants, YSL Camel Clutch, YSL Striped Espadrilles
2. Killah Baham Trousers, DKNY Tangerine Ankle Strap Pumps, YH Gilded Snuff
For both looks I styled the top with trousers, I did try with shorts and skirts, but they just didn't look quite right or as nice as the top does with the trousers. For the first look I chose a brown quilted pair and kept the tones pretty nude for the accessories with the espadrilles and the clutch. I think the gold on the colour really works well with the brown/nude colours. I also think it looks good with the tangerine pumps in the second look, I chose to focus on coloured accessories here so wore one of my favourite pairs of trousers from Killah. I chose a gold bag for this look - I'm not sure if it is the best bag for this outfit, but I don't think it's that bad a choice!

So - thoughts on my stylings of this top? What did you guys wear it with?

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