Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Haul #3

Bit of a skirt-athon it seems:
I think I've been a bit crazy on the skirt front this past week, I bought all of these in the bazaar! 11 skirts is quite a lot, I probably didn't need them all, but I might as well try and style them seeing as I have them =D
So far I've worn the Blue Twinkle Paillette Skirt, I placed a navy mini underneath as a slip layer, and chose a white blouse ontop:
{Image courtesy of Good Morning Stardoll}
I think it's a simple yet effective way to style the skirt, it has a lot of detail in itself, so I think adding prints or lots of other potential focal items would have been a mistake.
This week I plan on styling some more of these skirts in my And Today I Wore series of posts =)

Sorry for the poor layout of the skirts, but I think it's a little challenging showing 11 skirts in one image well!

Love K xxx

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