Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Partner Updates

I've been updating the Partners page today and yesterday, so our partners current headers are all shown (some were older versions) and links have been double checked for your ease of browsing! I've also added a new partner bringing out total to 14! This new partner is BEAUTY Magazine =)
BEAUTY is run by Tolia, whose current Stardoll account is J.ordan (has been at KatyaCharm and --Kayley in the past) and is no stranger to the magazine world! He first did PBE which had several issues, and then last year made an amazing magazine called BEAUTY(yes same name, but now a new blog), you can find the first issue here. Since then, we haven't seen any of his graphics, but the ones in the magazine were stunning, so I know we're in for a treat with this new magazine! Please check it out and follow at the link above the logo and you can also apply for different modelling positions{there is a small charge for modelling}. Here are some of my favourite pages from the issue that was released last year:

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