Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tress Up Release: Review

Tress Up was released not even an hour ago and I'm already doing a review - must be a record for me! We all knew this was coming, and I think the spoilers were welcomed from everyone, and those who weren't so happy with the LE sure were with this selection of hairs for us =)

Tress Up Summer edition has just one floor consisting of 7 different hair - all are in SD's which has become the norm for Tress Up (the first Tress Up had some for SC's, but since then, no hairs have been SC's):
Overall, I think this collection is great - there are a variety of styles, they all fit with the summer theme, and they're all trendy, they're also all things that we don't currently have for our dolls! The only one I don't like is the Beyonce one, it isn't my style and doesn't suit my doll at all - other than that one, I bought them all, the total came to a hefty 88SD's, but it's a price I'm willing to pay for nice Stardoll made hair. I'm not really a fan of StarDesign hair, I can never get it to sit right and it never has the style or shape that I really want, whereas I find Stardoll hairs are that little bit neater, so they're my preference. The prices for each hair range from 12 to 16 SD's, which is a little higher than the previous collections, but only by a few SD's - I don't mind paying this for a hair which I will be able to wear for the rest of my Stardoll life, to me, 16SD's is a small price to pay to have a good variety of hairs, and I know I will wear each one of the styles I bought. 
I've spent a lot more time commenting at USD recently, and people there generally weren't pleased that these hairs would be in a store and would cost SD's - to them, one girl said, it's not equality, she said that non-SS, SS and Royalty should all be equal, fair enough, I get her point, but SS and Royalty have paid real money for the site, in my opinion it's only fair that there are perks to this, like hair for SD's, or the LE for SS only and the Royalty store. Even in writing this post there is a lot of heated discussion going on over there about how it's unfair they're in SD's - it annoys me a lot because if you don't like it or think it's unfair on you, you don't have to stay, there's nothing holding you here on Stardoll! I think people just like to complain about things, anything! Someone else there has just said that they would pay 12SD's for one of the styles, but not 15 - it's 3SD's difference, it's not that much realistically, so there's really nothing to complain about there!

Anyway back to the review! I think all the styles were chosen well, and there really is something for everyone here - I found it hard to choose which to wear first! I've gone for the Summer Breeze Hair right now, this was one of the ones I wasn't sure I'd buy when I saw the spoilers, but it looked better once I'd tried it on and I think it's a little change for me, which is always a good thing =)
It has that little bit at the side where it doesn't quite fit, which so far I've found they all don't fit exactly to the head, but it's a pretty minor issue and can easily be covered with a little piece of StarDesign hair =)
Overall I'm happy with the collection, I like it, I think new hair was really needed on Stardoll and yeah, I'm pleased =)

What about you guys? Like the new collection? Which one(s) did you buy? 

Love K xxx


  1. I agree with everything that you said, except I don't like the summer breeze one at all.

  2. They're all incredibly stunning. I'm currently kind of broke on the Stardollars side of things, but I can definitely see myself purchasing all except the 4th one that you have pictured at the end of the post. I'm more of a fan of long hair to be honest.

  3. I love some of these hairstyles, and I agree with you, paying members should have some benefits over regular players. Yeah, it is funny they would pay 12 but not 15, but still, there are some users to whom the difference means a lot.
    On my doll, only 2 hairs look nice, and yeah, they are way better (and cheaper) than designed hairstyles.

    1. Yes, I meant to include that some designed styles can cost up to 100SD's - which is extortionate!

    2. Especially since they can look very tacky sometimes.

  4. Wow, these are all so freaking gorgeous... Now I really need to buy a SS membership...

  5. They're all so nice really, I agree with the comment about how people don't have to stay on stardoll. It's annoying me how non-ss seem to expect the ss treatment from stardoll