Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review : Bazaar Magazine

It's not too often I write magazine reviews, but I feel that every so often it wouldn't be that bad! Most blogs have reviewed Risque, so I wont do that, it would make it boring and chances are you wouldn't read the reviw - so instead I'll be reviewing Bazaar, which is hot off the press!
 ^There is the cover, and now a few of the pages:
 We really haven't seen Preinss out and about on the graphic scene yet, so as a first venture, this isn't too bad, and it was brave to start with a magazine rather than just trying out different things(such as practice graphics) first. There were 3 articles in the magazine, and I'll be honest, I didn't read them - nothing made me want to, they didn't entice me at all. Some people may have found them interesting, but sorry, I didn't.
I think the graphics were very reasonable for a first throw into this side of Stardoll, they are varied in complexity and show a variety of trends and I can sense the drive to do well from them - you can only improve by trying! Having said that there is a way to go with the graphics, but time will help with this, just practicing different things to get them better - one thing in particular would be details such as the knees(e.g. in the yellow dress graphic shown above), and the hands(e.g. in the purple dress graphic, not shown). I think the best graphic was on the cover, but we have seen this before(i.e. someone has used the reference before) so be careful about this next time as the cover wants to be individual, although I do feel it is memorable.
One final thing I want to comment on is that the magazine as a whole has a very wannabe-Vogue feel about it. Like it just feels like it's trying to be Vogue - with how the make-up pages have been laid out, having the 'Shop the look' pages and their layout and the perfume at the end(the graphic of which I'm not too fond of) to name a few. Yeah, Vogue is nice, and it's layout is fine - but you should come up with something individual for your magazine, we have Vogue and we've seen it, everyone likes something new and fresh!
Overall a promising first issue and I very much look forward to seeing the next one =)

Love K xxx


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  2. well thank you for writing your review about my magazine , i just wanted to clear something that i actually want the magazine to be like the acutal harpers bazaar and shop the look etc.. are from the actual magazine and the makeup tutorial is just like every other blogs , magazine's tutorial , but i have no right to say anything since it's your review everyone has it on his on way , thank you for your honest opinion