Saturday, 15 June 2013

And Today I Wore

This is the look I sported today - I saw these V waisted trousers on a doll yesterday(sorry, can't remember who!) and wondered why I'd never spotted them before, so I headed to Decades and bought myself a pair(50% off right now =D). I found it a bit challenging finding the right top to go with them, I didn't want to choose a white one, but finding one that tucked in nicely to show off the waist shape was pretty tricky! I don't normally show off midriff in my looks, but this really was the best top for the look, and it is quite a small section of skin, so I really had to make an exception. I chose my current favourite bag combination of the two Hotbuys ones, and then chose one of the pairs of shoes from the same collection (see my review here) - I haven't styled these shoes yet as I found them a bit odd and really not my style, but I clearly knew way back then that I'd want to wear them like this and cleverly bought them ... or was just being crazy and bought all the Hotbuys from that collection! 
I also tried out a new hair style with this look, it's designed by vmp2000, so check out her bazaar for this one and many more =) I'm not sure if I'll keep my hair like this, or if I'll change it, but it's getting me more used to a darker colour!

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