Friday, 21 June 2013

HotBuys Summer Retro: Re-Release Review

This morning the Hot Buys Summer Retro store was released, when the spoilers came out yesterday, there were definitely mixed emotions and opinions about this, so this post here has my opinions and thoughts on the collection and the situation as a whole.
So two floors of previous summer themed Hotbuys have been re-released in a new store, the fact that it is called "Summer" kinda implies to me that there might be more to come at different times of the year, so Autumn and Winter ones. Here are the outfits that have been included:
I think this is a really good selection of items, there's something for everyone and they are from a variety of Hotbuy collections. Prices range from 8 to 27SD's and most items cost more than they originally did, I can't remember all of them, but I know the pink shorts previously cost 7SD but are now 13SD - however since then general pricing has gone up and that price is kinda average for shorts. Overall I think prices are fine, but personally I wouldn't pay 25 or 27 for the items priced at those amounts, like the dresses on the first floor or the watermelon playsuit, I think 20 would be the most reasonable amount for them - however they're not items I've considered buying as they're not really my style.
The items I was most looking forward to were the sunhat and the minnie body - they are pieces I've had my eye on for a while, and I've only ever seen the minnie body at around 3/400SD's, which is extortionate, I would never pay that price for a Hotbuy - it's not a limited piece as LE or Antidote are, there's nothing particularly special about it in that sense, so it's really not worth that much. I had been willing to pay up to 50 for it, so its price of 17SD's in the store is welcoming.
I bought several items from the store, and it was about 60 or 70SD's which does seem quite a lot, but considering how much one might have had to pay for all the items in the Bazaar, it's not really too much.
As per when Stardoll release old items, there is a bit of an uproar, in my opinion mainly from those who paid a lot for the items in the Bazaar - I guess this kinda annoys me when they make a scene about how unfair it is on them, and saying it's lazy of Stardoll to do this and to me it just comes across as a bit rude. They chose to spend the SD's on the items, and with the Archive store releasing all sorts from the past, it should be in everyones mind that 'rarer' items or Hotbuys could be released. I don't think it's justified that people are angry with Stardoll for re-releasing these items when it was their own choice to spend, often hundreds, of SD's on these items. I also gather that people have complained that these are too expensive - again a completely unnecessary argument.
Finally here are my stylings with my two most anticipated items from this store:
I'm really fond of both of them, and I'm really glad Stardoll made this store of re-releases so I could make these looks =)

Give me your thoughts in comments!

Love K xxx