Saturday, 8 June 2013

We're off to see the wizard...

Hello everyone its me Hilmy with my outfit today so with out further a do here is my outfit for today (8/06/2013)
Lion Face Top - Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute
Hotbuys Chain Link Belt - Rio
Hotbuys Triangle Cut Out Swimsuit - Bonjour Bizou (Underneath everything )
Hotbuys See Through Purse - Hotbuys Weekly
Athena Mint Skirt - Lanvin Tribute 
Strappy Rivet Heel - Millionaire Mansion Fashion 
So I hope you like this outfit the main fcous of the outfit was the skirt so yeah haha, don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow the blog
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  1. How is the title related with the outfit? :)

    1. The skirt is emeraldish green which relates to the wizard of oz haha :D and my mind is just funny how it works lol :D