Thursday, 6 June 2013

And Today I Wore

Chose a summery look based on white, but added a focus piece with these fabulous Stardesign jeans by Kociara074! I love these sooooo much - I prefer them to the very similar Hotbuys ones which I think I might have actually sold! Anyway, a simple vest and white shoes along with a little combination of bags(Hotbuys, review here). I have recently begun wearing bags in combinations, I think it's quite quirky and I haven't seen it done much, so for me it's nice to have a little something unique =)

As I said in my last "And Today I Wore" post, I wasn't sure if this was the sort of thing you'd like on the blog, no-one replied, but there were almost 20 'I love it!' responses, so I'll take that as the go-ahead to post more of my looks! Again, not everyday, maybe a few times a week =)

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