Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summertime Release - LE

Today we welcomed a new LE release into our plaza at around 3pm - here's my review, thoughts and purchases =)

Versace was the main influence over the 3 floors of clothing and accessories in this resort styled collection (although it was based on the SS13 Versace collection in RL):
When the spoilers came out yesterday, people pretty much were saying that it's another terrible LE collection, about how they don't make things "high-fashion" like they used to, how Stardoll should spend more time making the collection or give the collection better graphics - I have never, and will never, make a judgement like this based off of the spoilers, never. And in some ways, it's not a nice attitude to have towards Stardoll and their staff - in the end, you don't have to be on the site, they're not making you stay! In my opinion, the collection looks much better in the store than it did in the spoilers - part of it comes from being put together in outfits and being surrounded by other LE outfits, in spoilers we see the pieces on their own and not on a mannequin. I picked out maybe 3 or 4 pieces that I definitely wanted to get from the spoilers - the striped trousers and the nude heels were my main wants, they're simple pieces and are versatile. 
So as soon as the collection was released I gave each room a 'once over' and roughly analysed the different items and what I might like and what I would actually wear. Then I went back through each room trying each  piece on and making a decision - I ended up buying 8 or 9 pieces and then two interiors(the one by the pool and the one with the window with curtains either side). In my opinion a lot of people will be regretting saying it was a horrible collection when they saw the spoilers - because there was a clamour to get the collection and people were pretty excited once it was out, after an hour or two the first pieces started selling out, and now there are over 15 items sold out. How limited was the collection? In my opinion, pretty limited, but not too much, of the items I bought, there were between 1000 and 1200 pieces of each, considering how many people there are on Stardoll, that's not very much, however considering the early collections, there were only a few hundred of each piece.
The real pieces{pinterest.com and style.com}:
I do think Stardoll chose some good pieces from the collection to include in this bout of LE, but there are others I would have liked too - but hey, you can't have everything! And I am happy with what was included.
Just a brief glimpse as the items I purchased from the collection:
Later in the week I might do another LE based post, maybe more about the items I bought, maybe a styled outfit, or maybe a 'Wearing LE' post, I'm yet to decide!

Love x

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  1. VERY pleasantly surprised! Bravo, for once, stardoll! ;)