Monday, 3 June 2013

Opinion Poll!

A bit unrelated to the blog, and more to my doll, but I want opinions on this! Thinking of changing my look, and this is what I'd consider changing it to:
To me the natural lip colour doesn't matter too much as these lips have worked with all the lipstick shades I have tried so far, so if I chose to change to this I'd be more inclined to wear lipsticks.
I like these eyebrows too - I think whatever the outcome is I will change my eyebrows from what they are now! 
So the poll is in the sidebar, it'll be open for a few days, please vote soon!

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  1. Please, not that lips :( I love the brows though :)

  2. Maybe another skincolor? And more freckles would be cute! :)

  3. I don't like the lips, they look strange!

  4. Well, maybe changing the way you do your makeup would be enough, sometimes I do that to get a new & different look without changing my face at all ;)