Saturday, 21 April 2018

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

Brand new Jet Set last week, a great surprise and a great collection to be added to our current Plaza offerings. The advertising is great, I love the filtered colouring to the background and I think it sells a modern and range of styles with the very cool-looking models!
Highlights It's the usual one floor release in this store, but it's absolutely packed with so many looks and styles, it's so exciting^ And there's a look for males in this release as well, but it definitely doesn't stand out so impressive as the female choices. I like the continued use of the same interior throughout the store, it adds a nice continuity and this style is a good base for a lot of clothing themes =)
Accessories There's a great range to choose from, but focussed on bags and shoes as there is no jewellery or other additions with this release, but I don't mind so much. There are 4 pairs of shoes, all on the summery theme. The Snakeskin Sandals and Leather Black Sandals are both strappy styled shoes with lower heel heights, which I like. I do think these shoes look much more impressive when you look at them close up, you really get to see the details, but the Leather Black Sandals are definitely the most versatile of the shoes. Then there are the Glitter Platforms, and despite them being silver I just can't love them because of that chunky heel, for me it's one that doesn't work, and I think the shoes could look great without it. Lastly the Faux Fur Sandals, which are flat and actually pretty cute - again I think they look a lot better close up, the fur looks great and the colour is very fresh. There are 3 bags in the store, and they all have great designs - the Celine Inspired Luggage Bag is a modern striped piece, I love the colours and the take on the classic design. Then the Textile Pouch, yet another piece that needs you to zoom in to see those features - the weaving is great and the tone of colours is great for spring and I love the multicoloured zip tassel. Lastly the Belt Bag (the name doesn't work for the piece at all!) which I think has been a favourite among many for the very cool and designer-themed design - I love the overall style of the piece, the size, the sit on the body, and the colour, everything just works for it and I'm excited to wear it!
Clothing Super impressed with the clothing, everything is just on top form^ There's so much to choose from in a great style! There are 3 dresses, all with a darker base for their design, the black and mesh Crochet Black Tunic, a perfect summer piece with the overall design, great for the beach or pool! The Bodycon Stripes Dress and Crochet Dress are more fashion-based - I love these pieces, the first is a great midi dress for spring and summer and will make a great layering piece as a skirt too, the boldness of the blue is fab too, totally what my wardrobe was missing^ And I adore the colours of the Crochet Dress, the navy skirting is fab and the pretty colours on the top are perfect, I love them and I'm so glad they look great on my doll, love the drilling around the arms too, it's an absolutely amazing piece! I also love the trousers on offer in the store, they're pretty fantastic and current - the Cropped Jeans, a culotte style lavender pair of trousers that are so perfect right now. They fit well with the HBs this month and with my Wearing post! The shape and fit of them is great too. Also in jeans are the Rolled Up Blue Jeans, a high waisted straight leg style of denim in a dark wash, they're a surprise piece for me to like, but it's nice to have something just that little bit different in your wardrobe. And of course I like the black High Waist Trouser! They've got an almost velveteen texture, a paperbag waist and a cropped length, they're a flattering pair of trousers and I think they will look good on everyone! There's such a feminine feel to the tops and I love it, they remind me of a few bloggers that I follow^ The Detailed White Blouse has, quite rightly, been an incredibly popular piece. It's in the trendy broiderie anglaise style which is popular and versatile, the overall design is great, I love the tuck to the hem and the frill of the sleeves - it's a solid summer piece! So is the Cotton Knit with those adorable puffed mesh-design sleeves and the high neck, plus the colour, so versatile and the piece will go with so many light pairs of trousers, shorts or skirts! 
Prices Being The Jet Set, this store is an SS-only one, so there is that limitation, the costs range from 12 to 22SD's, which I think is really reasonable for the great styles on offer - not great when you buy everything, it sure adds up quickly, but I think these are some key spring summer pieces!
Styled Outfits I really did buy almost everything from the store! Today (based on the pieces styled in the features below) I've just gone for the dresses in spring summer looks! First up the Crochet Dress, which could really just be worn on it's own because it's so fabulous^ But I paired it up with this yellow over-shoulder jacket because yellow and navy get a thumbs up from me^ The red shoes add another great pop and fit with the colouring on the top half of the dress. Overall it's simple, but it's a classic style! Secondly the Bodycon Stripes Dress which is such a perfect match for this light jacket, they look awesome together^ White accessories look good for a warmer weather look, but darker ones would also suit the dress, maybe for wearing in the autumn. And lastly the Crochet Black Tunic, which I've layered up with a skirt for a more covered style while still showing the meshing in the hem - I think this works really nicely for making the dress more wearable! It's an easy one to accessorise, and they can really transform the piece for either a day or night look =)
Features And the features! I've already shown a couple on the blog because everyone has been loving this collection, but here are 3 more with a focus on the trousers of the release. First up alma1902 wearing the High Waist Trousers in this cool fashion-based workwear look - I love them with the white shirt and the hanging blazer, but the use of the accessories makes it stand out. These mules are perfect and fit well with the tone of the beret and the bag, which has been uniquely styled with belting for added detail, a great idea^
Secondly France25 wearing the Rolled Up Blue Jeans in this cool rebel-esque look using the fishnet blouse, I think it kinda works! I love the red pop with the boots and at the waist too, it definitely works and makes you stop and look at the outfit. Also loving the chunky belt and bag combination, it works out really nicely for the overall style =)
And finally gagapocker going for a more feminine styling with the Cropped Jeans - I love the lace blouse with them, the styles are great together and they fit nicely on the doll! The sunglasses are a perfect addition, tying in well with the jeans. The shoes are great, they are minimal and suit the outfits style, and also loving the pink tone of the lips, it's a perfect beauty addition!

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