Saturday, 7 April 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

It's that time again - Limited Edition! We got a little preparation on Wednesday with an SD offer, but it was a surprise to have the release on Thursday! However it's been a while since our last release and so new LE is welcome to the Plaza =) The advertising is pretty nice, I love the Cathedral background and the models show off a range of styles and types of pieces from the release^
Highlights So we got 3 full floors with this release, mostly for girls, but one look for the guys. While there doesn't seem to be a clear theme throughout, the release is very fashion-current, with a lot of our favourite designers included. There's some glitzy glamorous pieces, but also a mix of casual and dressy pieces as well - a little something for everyone!
Accessories There are quite a few accessories to choose from with this release, a real good mix of styles really, I'm quite happy with what's on offer =) There are 4 pairs of shoes, all reasonably summery, however all very individual. I'm a huge fan of the Silk Pearl Stilettos, the colour is beautiful and bold and the gold and pearl anklet detailing is so pretty and really does stand out! For strappy sandals you could go for the Balmain Inspired Chain Sandals, or the other pair which I think are very on trend are the Minty Net Sock Pumps in a turquoise tone that really does pop, while the style isn't one I'd typically choose, I think it's one that will be really popular amongst the more daring of stylists! The 3 bags are pretty impressive, I'm so sad that I just missed out on the LE Studded Fanny Pack, it's the cutest piece in a bright red and some fab stud detailing, it's clear why it was a popular speedy-selling piece^ But I do still love the other pieces, the Blind For LE Crossbody Bag and the Maison LE Silver Handbag, they've got metallic touches to them, with good detailing and good size with overall design. The general style of the pieces is pretty good. In terms of jewellery there are the Dolce And Gabbana Inspired Diamond Earrings which look pretty cool in their jewel tone colours and drop style, and there are also the DG Inspired Sunglasses which are pretty jazzy! 
Clothing The clothing in this release is all very much designer-inspired, which is the way a lot of people like it, McQueen, Balmain and Elie Saab to name just a few^ There's a lot of trends featured, sparkles, ruffles, minimalism, and street style casual and around this I've based my review on =)
     Sparkly Sparkles are an easy attractant to pieces, and these one-pieces are all pretty stand out in the store. The Balmain Inspired Silk Bedazzled Overalls are covered in sparkles and are a cute mix of casual and glitzy, and actually I think they will make a good layering piece. The Elie Saab Inspired Fringe Jumpsuit is a little similar, but more minimal on the sparkle-front by adding them to the fringing on the front, which I think it really effective, and it comes across as a very smart piece, I also really like the navy tone to it. Lastly the Zuhair Murad Inspired Long Fringe Top, a delicate sheer over-dress with an intricate design of silver sequins, it's a beautiful piece, and again, the material and colour will make it a good layering item. You'll have seen from the last weeks feature that this piece has been hugely popular, so I'm sure there will be many more looks to come from it!
     Sleek All about looking super cool with this category, and the trousers really steal the show! Both the Balmain Inspired Patent Leather Pants and Zuhair Inspired High Waisted Pants are amazing pieces. They stand out well, but are both items which would fit in well with many wardrobes and many different styles and stylings =) The Balmain Inspired Opulent Sweater is also a perfect piece in this category, it's got bold colours, unique design and the wow-factor that many people look for, I loved styling mine, and I think it'll last well^ And while some may not think these fit in this category, I think the Dolce Inspired Floral Pants and Bustier are pretty amazing! A perfect print that is eye catching, bold and individual, a black base making them easily wearable, and both pieces look really good on the doll, I immediately bought these as soon as I'd seen them^
     Skirty There are a few skirts and dresses, sometimes along with paired tops, to go for in this store, and I like the selection. I think both the McQueen Inspired High Waisted Skirt (with the Ruffle Spring Bustier) and the Elie Saab Inspired Leather Skirt (with the Silk Shirt) are very cute sweet pieces. The styles have longer lengths and the designs have a feminine flouncy touch, they've both been done really well. For those after a longer length, the Max Mara Inspired Ribbon Skirt, paired with the Ribbed Tank, is the perfect choice. It's got a nice design, it's minimal but has intricacies, and it's also pretty flattering and eye-catching on the doll. For dresses there is quite the choice amongst the 4 pieces, with different audiences aimed at for each piece which is a nice idea. They're all mini in style and pink and purple tones feature in both the Alexander Vauthier Inspired Fuschia Mini and Silk Ultra Plunge Dress, while I like the colour, neither of the pieces really work for me. The Balmain Inspired Boucle Dress is a cute piece, but I don't think it needs to be an LE piece, I think I'd love to experiment with the style but not for the price! And the last dress, the Moncler Gamme Rouge Inspired Dress, while I like the style, the sheer all over doesn't work for me, however there's a feature below that is absolutely rocking this dress and may be a mind-changer!
     Street Denim features in both the Alexander Vauthier Inspired Denim Shorts and the High Waisted DG Inspired Jeans, I was so disappointed with the jeans because they're not high waisted at all, they looked like they would be quite nice on, but I just didn't like them on my doll at all, which was pretty disappointing because I like the wash, the ankle detail and the fit on the legs. The pink-applique Alexander McQueen Inspired Sweatshirt fits pretty firmly in this category and is a bit of a marmite piece, it's a strange one to pick out to have in LE I think, and while I'm not familiar with recent McQueen designs, it's not a piece I'd associate with them. And because I want to mention it and this is the most appropriate category, I really quite like the Burberry Inspired Red Oversized Coat - it's a little odd and different, but I just love the concept of it, and I think it really would make a look stand out, because it won't be the easiest to style and it will always be a bold choice!
Prices I did feel like things seemed quite pricey this time round, the price range was 33 to 175 SD's, with the bigger pieces at least over 100SD's and shoe and bag accessories were all in the 70's/80's price range which is a little more than they have been in the past.
Features There are so many amazing looks to feature, I thought I would post my own stylings later in the week so we could focus on these features - which are just in alphabetical order =) First up ajenkam, wearing the Moncler Gamme Rouge Inspired Dress, Balmain Inspired Patent Leather Pants, and the Silk Pearl Stilettos - a lot, but they all look pretty great in this styling together! I love the tights layered beneath the trousers, it works well for the look and I think it helps highlight the shoes. The gem-embellished bag is a great touch and I love it in the outfit with all of this LE!
Secondly Anshes, wearing the Margiela Inspired Ribbed Body - it may look simple but it's an effective styling of this piece and it definitely catches my eye^ The gems on the body really stand out with the glitz of the skirt, I think it's a great idea for wearing the pieces minimally and not a completely LE outfit^
Something more casual next from jarus55 wearing the Zuhair Murad Inspired Long Fringe Top, this is such a cool idea for the piece, and I would never have thought to put it together so casually with a tee, but it works well! The pinky-orange stripe on the tee works  and the accessories match the clothing perfectly =)
Miver goes with the Blind For LE Crossbody Bag which I think looks great in this casual-based look against the ripped and light washed jeans. While the shoe colour is a little different, they're far enough away from the bag to work together nicely. I'm particularly liking the use of the golden jacket with the bag, the gold detailing really stands out =)
Next up nicki_-_-minaj wears both the Dolce And Gabbana Inspired Diamond Earrings and the coveted LE Studded Fanny Pack! The bag really stands out against the black and white clothing base, and I love the jewellled earrings paired with the glitzy sunglasses, although I worry with the busy background, they go a little unnoticed, while the bag pops against the red glitter =)
Wearing the sweet co-ord of the Dolce Inspired Floral Pants and Bustier is RiManiKordenty keeping it simple by just adding a few key accessories! While all these accessories are quite different, I think they all work well with the outfit and with the floral print - the red bag looks great and brings out the red and pink tones while the green glittered booties highlight the lighter tones^ Simple but effective!
Super casual and just focusing on an accessory is singiel wearing the Minty Net Sock Pumps which I think look great in this outfit, especially against the jeans with their slightly darker wash of denim and their stepped hem, it lets the mesh really shine too. I like the heavy use of black on the top half of the outfit, it goes well with the toe cap of the shoes =)
And finally a look from SoMillie pairing together the Max Mara Inspired Ribbon Skirt and Elie Saab Inspired Silk Shirt which I think look pretty neat together! They've been accessorised smartly, going with tan long earrings to match well with the colour and styling and the skirt, and a black bag and shoes on the bottom half, really loving this bag in the look^ And the hairstyle is pretty perfect to show off the styling!


  1. Love the features! My favorites were nicki_-_-minaj and SoMillie :)
    I regret not buying this Zuhair Murad top tbh, it works so good as a skirt! And also the first feature made me want the red stilettos so bad :/

    1. I also wish I got the Zuhair Murad top, it's looking amazing in every look I've seen it worn!