Sunday, 22 April 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers

Springtime truly has arrived and that is reflected in this months choice of piece - the Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers from Nelly, a light and loose pair of trousers which make great spring summer stylings! They are very much alike culottes, a favourite style of mine, so it makes them fairly easy to wear and their light tone makes them very versatile in terms of matching for colour!
Flirting feminine tones and accessories
Being beige, these trousers are versatile, naturally my first thoughts are to go with pink and feminine styles for them, because the pink tones in the beige really can get highlighted this way =) The fit on the waist makes for some good tucking of shirts and tops, I just love that!
1 | All out with the pink and my favourite sweater, this goes so well with the trousers an I love the shape to the outfit. The length of the trousers is perfect for these ankle-strap shoes too^ Couldn't help the pink accessories, this little quilted bag is the sweetest, perfect colour fit!
2 | Femininity in design and not colour, this broiderie anglaise top is perfect and it's a beautiful fit with the trousers making them feel much lighter. I accessorised with more white and I think it works, love the cut of these shoes and the quilting of the Dior bag with the trousers too.
Being a bag babe, they can make all the difference
I absolutely adored these orangey hues with the trousers, such a great fit, the trousers give great opportunity for showcasing a colour like this because they are so versatile - and they've a great piece for crossbody bags it turns out!
3 | Going glam, this sparkly piece is the sweetest and the neutral colour is perfection with the trousers, it gives you so many options for the rest of the look! I chose to stay neutral with the top and shoes, which lets the bag-trouser combination stand out, then put this burnt orange cardigan ontop - I love it!
4 | This Chloe-style bag is another perfect piece for the trousers, it looks like such an elegant designer combination. I'm so glad I've hung onto this top, because in this look and this set - it's perfect! It has neutral tones but amazing details which work well in this look, the little orangey striping on the sleeves pops and the florals are the cutest design^
Outerwear all over with some dark choices
And darker looks do work too! It was somewhat challenging to pick outerwear that worked just right with the trouser shape, but I think I managed to come out with good choices - I found a few others that worked, but most of the things I had weren't quite right, the length really matters with this one!
5 | I've worn this combination of the trousers and camouflage jacket before, but I couldn't help myself because it's a good pairing! The crop of the jacket is absolutely perfect with the trouser waist-line, and the burgundy details on it provide the other colour for the look - this v-neck vest is pretty great too, love this look =)
6 | And the final look, a little different, a looser longer jacket but I think it works as the material is still light hanging, and the lower fit works with that of the trousers. The glittered details prompted that theme in the accessories - the versatility of the trousers means this works! I love the green and pink and gold glitters, they all work nicely with both the trousers and the jacket!

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