Sunday, 29 April 2018

9 T O 5 | Styled Outfit

Somewhat a celebration of exploration in the recent release of 9 To 5 in the Plaza, highlighting the outdoors and adventurous roles that women can have in their careers - while there wasn't a whole lot to review, there was certainly one piece that caught my eye for styling, the White Explorer Shirt, and so that's what this post is today! I started styling this up and very quickly realised that 'it's a white shirt, not much can go wrong!' and it's true, white shirts are so easy to style and fit with so many pieces that are already in our wardrobes, there's probably a million ways to wear one! I chose 3 slightly different styles for my looks: skirt, smart, and casual and I think it works well in showing off some of the versatility of the shirt. Firstly I love the design of it, it's got a nice snug fit to the body, so makes it an easily tucked-in piece, and I also love the sleeve length and the neckline. It worked perfectly with this tuille midi skirt, the light colours make this a nice summer styling and the white of the shirt means there's plenty of accessories to choose from - I love these beige and brown tones, the bag pops out for sure! In my second styling I went for smart straight-leg trousers, smart heels and my favourite white bag, this is great for office-wear, even though none of our dolls ever need to go to one^ The shirt fitted nicely with so many pairs of the trousers I have, so it's a good one to include in your collection! And finally, pairing jeans with the shirt, again, so many pairs of jeans worked with this, but this time around I liked the slightly darker denim and the cropped length, paired with trainers, for a really casual theme to the look. I struggled a little with a jacket, I felt like it needed one, but this shirt isn't the easiest to pair with outerwear - in the end I've gone for holding the yellow leather piece, which adds a little spring to the look and makes it a tad less plain.
Overall I'm really happy with this shirt, and happy to add it to my extensive white shirt collection!

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