Wednesday, 11 April 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2016

Now we're onto the April 2016 Hotbuys! At the time I do remember thinking they were quite mixed, and there were definitely pieces I didn't enjoy so much that I've already sold on, like the Champagne Lace Ups and the Stretch Strap Bralette, those just didn't work out for me at all^ On the other hand I did want to give some pieces a good chance, and I've enjoyed styling the Gucci Inspired Gown quite a few times and I look forward to bringing it out for the summer^ I've also styled up the Falabella Heart Bag before, but it's my second piece for today, along with the Red Silk Maxi:
I really should have checked my previous look for the dress before doing this styling, but it's a little similar, oops^ But I love wearing it that little bit shorter, it's such a pretty piece at the ankle length and provides the opportunity for fantastic matching shoes, these are amazing, I love the combination! The use of it as a skirt makes it a little less formal, it just looks great with the style of this shirt^ And with the bag, of course these new trousers would make the perfect match with their colours =D I adore this look, so simple yet effective - I tried many jackets and other additions, but it all just looked too much for the piece so I stayed very minimal!

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