Monday, 2 April 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Styled Outfits

A little different - my Styled Outfits before the review! There are so many cool features in the review (coming Wednesday!) that I decided to post my looks separately and style every piece I bought rather than just pick a couple =D
The first 3 looks are with the accessories and I bought a mix of shoes and bags. The Silk Pearl Stilettos are pretty sleek and I love the orangey-red tone that they have, for me it's a perfect match for yellow and this look came very naturally - so in love with the shoe and bag combination though, I think it's perfect! I added the glasses as a partial match to the pearl detailing on the shoe, but I don't think it's necessary, the shoes fit well without them^ Secondly I styled the Maison LE Silver Handbag, it's silver, was I really not going to buy it?! I love adding another silver piece to my collection and a neutral look was what it needed to shine - this white look is perfect and I received a few compliments while wearing it, so it must be a winner! I like the texture contrast between the matte of the clothing and the shine of the bag. And lastly the Blind For LE Crossbody Bag, which after getting into my suite I wasn't so sure about anymore, however I do like this look^ The raspberry pink of the bag goes well with lots of other pink and neutral tones and that safe direction is where I've gone =D
Now two of the bottomhalves I purchased. For me the Balmain Inspired Patent Leather Pants were a 'must-have', they're just so 'me' with their skinny fit and their gold speckled dots - a theme I ran with for my whole outfit, they work well with this other gold speckled top, and I added some neutralising additions to make it look a little less flashy! Secondly the Max Mara Inspired Ribbon Skirt which I bought on a whim, but I'm happy with it in this summer styling. The pleats on the shirt go well with the skirt design and I love the patterning on this clutch against the bag!
Thirdly the tops that I bought, both of which I wasn't so sure about initially but decided to purchase anyway. I like the blue and red of the Balmain Inspired Opulent Sweater, I just love the word opulent to describe this piece! I paired up with red and blue, and I think it works, particularly the clutch in highlighting the red. It's worth some experimenting this one I'd say, I think there are lots of different styles this could work with. And then the Alexander McQueen Inspired Sweater - it's not my favourite piece, I do like the colour and the belted design, but I'm not sure it comes across well. I think the outfit works, but it's not the best for this sweater - I do like the boots with it though, so maybe I'd focus on that combination in the future. I've not seen many people wear this one, maybe we're all just needing some inspiration for it? =)
And lastly my looks with the D&G Co-ord! Firstly the Dolce Inspired Floral Pants, a piece I knew I'd love immediately upon seeing them and they do live up to my expectations! I just think they're so perfect, from the big bold print, to it's colours and then the shape of the trousers - so many ideas and plans for these! First up bulky sleeves and bulky boots and I love it^ The black base of the trousers means black pieces work well with these trousers, and coloured accessories will always pop! It's a little the same with the Dolce And Gabbana Inspired Floral Bustier too - I went with quite a D&G inspired look with this skirt and kept it wintery with the black polo and boots, which I think makes the floral print really pop off the screen^


  1. When will the LE review be online?

  2. Replies
    1. Please don't be pushy! It will be posted tonight, I have a full time job and I am a student as well, I had to work for extra deadlines this week and had no time at all for blogging.