Sunday, 15 April 2018


This post is totally overdue - everyone has been wearing the Feather Cape from Wild Candy en masse since it's release and now I'm jumping on board with it! I've featured several looks styling this piece and it's totally up my street with the golden colour and the feathered cuffs and the fringing so now I'm styling it! I even gave a little prep to this post yesterday by styling the jacket on What I Wore On Stardoll =)
It was actually more difficult that I expected, the length is a little longer than I expected it to be, so it's not ideal for getting a great silhouette in a look, and skirts and trousers that nip in at the waist don't follow through with this one. I also found it tricky to accessorise, which is strange, but how did you all manage it?! Anyway, I'm pleased with the looks that I did come up with and I'm glad I've finally gotten to wearing it. First up with the tulle skirt, the colour of this one fits well with the golden shimmer and adds to the texture where the rest of the additions don't need to. I kept minimal with everything else, I did try out quite a few belts but nothing was quite right and in the end nothing was better than any of my choices! Secondly I've gone with a dress and I love it with the coat! It is a maxi dress, but I resized to ankle-length and I really like the look. It's super minimal which is a style that works well with this coat but then I layered up on the bags, I love the crossing of the straps, I like the look it adds to an outfit. And lastly something dark - as soon as I remembered these gold and navy trousers I had to wear them for the final look! I love the darkness, the jacket pops right out and the gold in the bag and the shoes just goes well when there's not a whole lot of other similar tones like in the other looks - I really like this one, I think it might be my favourite?! =D

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