Monday, 23 April 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2017

Coming back to last year's HB's today - a right spring mash-up of pieces! As a whole, not my favourite, the pieces don't entirely seem to fit together in a theme, there's a lot of things going on; stripes and checks and tight and loose fits. I really wanted to love the Some Bunny Sweatshirt, I really tried, but it just doesn't work, in contrast, love the Multi Stripe Midi Skirt, which is fantastic and the style is lasting. This time round I've gone with accessories, the Valentino Inspired Heels and Suede Multi Coloured Handbag, and ended up including the Blood Orange Sunglasses in both looks too:
I love these looks, and didn't mean for them to be so matchy with their warm orange tones but I love these as a set! And also with dresses, didn't intend to choose super similar ones but nude tones work well with all of these accessories! In the first look the ankle length of the skirting works to show off the heels, and also the colour of it allows for boldness in the accessories and other additions - this bag, for one, is my favourite piece to pair with the shoes! The yellow jacket keeps the reds light, which I like. In the second styling I've used both the orange and red stripes from the bag in the shoes and vest respectively and I actually really like it! I tried the look with a selection of darker and red toned shoes, but nothing ever came out quite as good as this combination =D

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