Monday, 9 April 2018

I T G I R L S | Release Review

It feels like such a long time since we've had an It Girls release, and as one of my favourite 'high street' stores in the Plaza, I'm delighted! The advertising is attractive and quite typical of the store, selling different pieces in current designs and styles =)

Highlights Overall, I'd say this is a pretty decent drop of the store! There's a reasonable mix of styles while making sure nothing is too similar. There's a nice selection of more minimal styles yet the design of them has been done well and it makes them stand out.
Accessories For me the accessories are the slightly weaker point of the release. While the Chiara Ferragni pieces are current, they're not ones I see lasting a long time, sure both the Espadrilles and Mules are popular styles of shoes, but for me, the designs aren't ones I like. Not a fan of the Green Suede Sandals either, but I do however really like the Transparent Sandals, I like the wooden heel and the perspex design over the foot, they'll work with a range of outfits too. The Red Sunglasses must be flying off the shelf like hotcakes, because I think I might have seen everyone wearing them^ They're a hugely popular style in RL, naturally they've translated well into Stardoll^ The accessory winner however, for me, is the Raffia Tote Bag, it's not dissimilar to the straw tote bag we got back in July 2017 Hotbuys, but this is a smaller and more affordable version^ Gotta love a round bag, this is just a great size and shape for the piece and I love the contrasting tassel added to it =)
Clothing The clothing has so many good pieces in this release! There's a good mix of styles to suit a lot of different people and a lot of different shapes and patterns to choose between to suit your tastes and preferences^
     Minimal I think this might be my favourite category of the store, I might love every piece, and I love the colours that the pieces are in too! Firstly what caught my eye was the Bodycon Beige Dress, bodycon can be hit or miss and this is definitely a success! I love the length, the long sleeves and the scooped off-shoulder neckline make it an interesting and stand out piece! Also in dresses I'd put the Ruffled Lace Dress here, the green tone is beautiful and the design is simple with a few great silvery details. The only thing that gets me is the sheerness, but maybe there will be a work-around for that. There are two bottomhalves in this category, the Green Culottes and Bodycon Skirt. I still love culottes this year, and this pair have such a smart and formal feel with the belt design and the pleat down the front, love them so much =) And lastly a couple of tops, the Maxi Stripe Vest and Multistriped Shirt, I'll admit not the most minimal, but the clean designs of both pieces fit them perfectly in this category. I just think they look so clean cut and have great shapes, I love a good stripe, and these pieces fit the bill^ And they're both just that little bit different to other striped or smart shirts so they definitely stand out!
     Bold Ok so there's really only two pieces to the bold category, but they needed it^ The Fluted Sleeve Top with it's splashes of colour sure has the wow factor with both the print and the cool sleeves. It stands out and I think it will go well with many different pieces from jeans to smart-styled skirts. And secondly the Denim Jumpsuit which is in this section for that chunky belt around the middle - it's needed to add shape to the piece but the choice of colours really make it a little different to a casual style. I like the neckline and the detailing on the top half, but this piece isn't really one that would work out for my personal style.
     Casual And the final section, with a few denim pieces^ The Denim Twotone Jacket just looks a little awful in my opinion, a little not It Girl-esque, I don't think the wash style comes across well and the layering hasn't been done all that well. The shape also doesn't look too flattering on my doll. The Lace Jeans are better, but I'm not sure I'm someone who is on-board with the lace-up fly design on jeans, how do you guys feel about it? I like the fit of them though, they look pretty good on, even if I don't think the wash is quite right yet. And then a couple of tops, the Chiara Ferragni Inspired Tshirt, a loose tee with fitted shoulders and an eye design, not my cup of tea, but I think a lot of others will like it for the design on the front, and also the It Girl Top, again the style isn't my thing, but I like the little additions in the buttons and jewels on the left, they look really nice =)
Prices The release ranges 8 to 18SD's, which I think is very reasonable for this store. There are no SC items, however nothing is limited to SS or Royalty members only.
Styled Outfits Loved styling up the pieces I bought, I sure spent a small fortune^ Firstly the Bodycon Beige Dress and Raffia Tote Bag, the colours go perfectly together and make a good spring look. I really didn't want to add much else to the outfit - I like just these sunglasses on the bag for the look =) Secondly the Multistriped Shirt, I tried for quite some time to get a red or navy pair of trousers to go with this shirt, but didn't manage to find anything, and I also pulled up short with the perfect red or navy accessories, so I went with all white, I think these loose fitting trousers add a light spring/summer feel to the shirt, and the accessories are in classic style which don't detract attention from the shirt. And lastly the Green Culottes which I am really loving so much now that I have them in my suite and on my doll! I didn't go into this styling with any specific ideas, but this shirt was recently gifted to me so was at the front of my wardrobe and so I thought I'd try the neutral florals and I really love the outcome! The neutral boots keep the look light, while the bag goes well against the trousers. Overall I'm pleased with these looks and I'm excited to see what else this release brings me in terms of stylings!
Features And lastly the features! This release has been popular and a great range of the items have been styled so far. Ajenkam is wearing the Maxi Stripe Vest with the Chiara Ferragni Inspired Espadrilles. I love the layering of the vest with the white roll-sleeve shirt underneath, it works so nicely, and I think the light blue denim comes through really nicely beneath too. The shoes work well in this styling and pair nicely with the pink-toned bag and the pink lips^
Styling up the Green Culottes and Red Sunglasses is FedericoMosi, choosing red as a focal point and adding this top - I love the bold colour contrast between it and the trousers and I like the pieces together. The red shoes work very nicely too and add some glitz to the style with their satin texture. The bag and earrings further add to this and I think they've been good additions =)
Also wearing the Red Sunglasses is SoMillie, I think they really pop with the red boots at the opposite end of the outfit, and I also think the orange of the bag helps with this too. The blue is complementary to the red and the muted tone is what makes it work together^
And finally FunOpler going with the Multistriped Shirt in a casual look paired with jeans. The cool style of the jeans make an interesting shape combination with the cropped style of the shirt tie, but I really like the combination. Also very much loving the shirt with these zebra-design shoes, what a perfect combination!

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