Monday, 16 April 2018

G O L D E N S A N D S | Release Review

I've never written about a Golden Sands Decor release before because I've never found it much to talk about, but this recent drop in the Plaza was a breath of fresh air! I love the advertising, it's busy but inviting and I think it really sells the store in a good light =)
Highlights So I said above, this is my first time reviewing Golden Sands because this is the first release that's made me stop to look - I think it's current, fun, on trend with current decor themes and fits with a lot of the styles which are popular in interiors. Previous releases have just been disappointing for me, and when you look back the floors are pretty cluttered and full and aren't in a great design-style - so I'm impressed, this release has me from the get go!
Furniture Just a couple of big furniture pieces, split in theme to go with the two interior designs the release has - the Bali Style Sofa and Table Bali Style make great living room pieces, the table is a little higher than coffee table height, and I love the pastel blue of the cushioning of the sofa. Then there are the Lounge Bali Chair and Small Round Table Bali which are designed as outdoor pieces, I love the meshing on the chair and the little cushion on the propped up back. I also really like the Night Table Blue, it's so different to the rest of the release, and while it doesn't really fit with the collection it really pops out in the plaza with its bold colour.
Decor There are so many little pieces in this collection which is great - it's easy to add these to completed rooms than large furniture items. I'd love some more textiles pieces, but I like what there is, the BALI Traditional Rug and Bali Pillow Floor, I like the patterning on them and think they will work well in quite a few suite styles. I do also like some plants and flowers, in this release the Round Bali Bush is pretty large, I think I'd need to see it much smaller and in separate rounds to want to use in my suite, but I do quite like the Raffia Plant Pot, it has great colour tones to it, and the Budda Flowers Bowl with brighter tones. To me the lighting pieces don't fit so well, they're a little disappointing, but I do love the table decor! There are many pieces to choose from, they fit together but each offer something different. The Balinese Dish is a bright piece with a bold and artistic print, and fits well with the Night Table Blue, while the rest of the pieces are a little more muted and neutral toned which work well for my taste. There is also a little of an animal theme among them. The Balinese Teapot has a teal colour, making it stand out from the bunch, I like the design of it and think it works well in the store. The Bali Woman Mask is an artistic piece, while the Bali Table Sculpture and Stone Horse Statue are focused on their animal inspiration and I really like them^
Prices This store ranges from 9 to 23 SD's, luckily I hadn't purchased anything before the sale this past weekend, so I bought my new decor at 40% off which was awesome! Nothing is SS or Royalty only, although there are also no SC pieces.
Styled Suite While I didn't purchase either of the new interiors to style up, I have this summer poolside room interior that I wanted to work on a little more, the vibe of the release fits it well! While I typically struggle with tables, I liked using the Lounge Bali Chair and Small Round Table Bali together, I like the look and think they work with the addition of the Bali Pillow Floor between the two as well. You all know I'm big on little pieces, I pretty much bought everything, but particularly like the Bali Table Sculpture and Stone Horse Statue together in the corner in my room^

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