Monday, 30 April 2018

A P R I L 2018 | Hotbuys Review

As soon as I saw the advertising for these APRIL Hotbuys, I was impressed! Some really cool styles that we've not had before on Stardoll in the Plaza and some awesome current colours and trends being taken into consideration - I only hope the prices won't break the bank! I kinda think there's a little of something for everyone with this set of HB's and I'm excited to have some of these pieces in my wardrobe =D

Purple Drop Earrings - These are the sweetest earrings, the amethyst stones are so pretty and they are just beautifully delicate, however the big issue with them is they are almost too delicate - these are possibly the tiniest earrings I've ever seen! You see in the advertising that they're really only just visible on the model, that really is the size they are, and I think it's a little off-putting, why spend money on something pretty but that you can't see adding anything to a look, so a bit disappointing =/ Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Aviator Purple Sunglasses - Now these are cool! Gotta love lavender, and I love the overall design of these sunglasses, the frames are merely a nose-grip, which I love and gives such a light feeling to them, and that translates when worn too, they look super light on the doll. I don't know what else to say, these are just a great HB! Velvet Orchid 18SD's
Pleated Dress - Another very cool Hotbuy in this dress, I have so much love for it's quirky cool design and it's amazing lavender colour! The fit and shape are beautiful, the dress has such a flattering fit too^ It's such a unique piece, with the hem line, the half belt, cool collar and draping - this one stands out and I think its popularity will last a long time =) It Girls 36SD's
Velvet Tote - Still getting our navy fix with this sweet little bag, I wouldn't call it a tote though, it's much more of a bucket bag, and it's got the cutest size to it - so perfect for the style and deep colour of it! Velvet is still good this month and I think this will fit well with other pieces we've had previously. I also love the braided handle it adds such a nice touch! Pretty 'N Love 20SD's
Butterfly Scarf - I knew I wouldn't like this Hotbuy from the release of the advertising, it's just not a piece that fits with my style. I think the physical design of the piece is nice, but it's a little young for my taste, and I also know that I don't wear a lot of decorative scarves like this, so for me, this one is a 'miss'. Bizou 13SD's
Yellow Striped Bag - I really thought I would like this bag, but I'm not so sure now that it's in my doll's hand, literally^ It's a fun piece, the mix of colours is different and the striped handle is very cool, but I'm just not sure about how often I'd go out of my way to wear it. It is also quite expensive for a small clutch bag in comparison to other prices in the Plaza. RIO 20SD's
White Shirt Skirt - I love the folded-tied-origami style of this piece, but when I first tried it on I was a little unsure of the style, the way the ties sit, they're right on the hips so accentuate the size of the hips, making them look bigger. Although I do like the light skirting, the asymmetrical hem and the chiffon material. I did buy this skirt, so I'll work on some good ways to help balance out the hip-issue^ It Girls 22SD's
Lace Yellow Top - This is another piece that I knew wouldn't be for me - I do love yellow, don't get me wrong, but this crochet-style of piece is one I haven't gotten a lot of wear of in the past. I think the design is nice, I like the different strapping and the cut of the neckline, but it just doesn't fit my style preferences. And actually, this shade of yellow didn't work out so well with my dolls skin tone! RIO 18SD's
Yellow Sandals - I was disappointed we had to wait almost until the end of the month to get to the shoes! These yellow strappy sandals are the perfect summer heel, with a thin heel with good height and delicate strapping in a crossed pattern around the foot. I'm always up for more yellow shoes so these ones are perfect for me - although the shade of yellow does blend in just a little to my dolls foot, but they will suit anyone without a tanned skin tone well =D Bizou 17SD's
Proenza Schouler Inspired Mule - And lastly, the most anticipated shoe ever, these sure lived up to expectations! We all love a mule, lets not beat around the bush, and these being white, with a pointed toe, and a kitten-heel-height and a sweet bow across the foot ... what's not to love! These look amazing on the doll and will suit so many different styles, which I've seen in the looks I've spotted so far with these shoes! I am so excited to style these up =) Evil Panda 18SD's

Spotted this one early on in the month, Mery.- wearing the Pleated Dress in a very cool and styled Parisian outfit! I was quite sure this needed to be a stand out piece worn on it's own, but this look shows how well it goes with a lot of different pieces - I love this grey-ish over shoulder jacket and these cool gingham-strapped sandals, they both look great with the dress, as does the yellow Dior bag!
Next up from dm2udm2u styling the White Shirt Skirt which I think looks so chic and completely opposite to the casual vibes I thought it might attract! It looks so good layered with this jumpsuit, what a great idea, the two pieces work together nicely in terms of colour and design. Loving the accessories with the purple hints in the earrings and bag^
And also wearing the White Shirt Skirt is nadeen_nadz making it look quite different in this totally different styling! It's still a layered look, and the skirt looks god over these white jeans, the colours make the shirt part of the skirt really stand out. I like the use of blacks in the look, from the stripes and mesh of the tops to the strapping of the shoes, it all looks great =)
Styling the shoes in these last few features, janetteLow wears the Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules in a cool flouncy feminine styling =) Love the frilled socks with the shoes, it's a sweet style, and the cropped white trousers such a great choice for the shoes. The top combination stands out too, the pearl detailing is beautiful!
And finally millaxx, also in the Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules but also with the Velvet Tote in this casual city-styling. Adore these rolled jeans with both pieces, they're perfect to show off each of the HB's, the roll gives a good ankle for highlighting the shoe while the colour works well with the velveteen of the bag. Love the white blouse and the chiffon belting - super light, stylish but also casual!


And lastly, my stylings! I loved working with these pieces, still a fan of navy but loving this infusion of lavender into my wardrobe^ The Aviator Purple Sunglasses have proven their worth, they're so versatile and easy to wear with so many styles and colours - I'm excited to have these! And naturally I was very colour-themed with the pieces wearing matching looks that I think are cute^ These pieces all have a summery feel to them and I think they will last well over the next several months =)

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  1. thank you so much for the feature! definitely one of my favorite outfits i've ever made, and the shoes were a great piece to add! x