Sunday, 2 April 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Multi Stripe Midi Skirt

Getting off quickly with these April HBs with our first one this weekend, the Multi Stripe Midi Skirt from Bizou costing 24SD's. This definitely stands out from the HB selection this month with the cool on-trend design and feel to the piece, plus the cool stripe pattern and colouring. The colours lead well into pairing items and give a lot of different items to choose from. My only tiny niggle is the length and cut looked a lot better in the advert, however I think it's not that offputting and wouldn't make me not purchase it!
I think it's gonna be a tough choice this time, they are all great stylings for the skirt! I think we've shown how easy it is to style and it's therefore definitely worth a purchase, plus we don't have anything like it on Stardoll already, it's a good one I think! Plus with this one we're welcoming our April Guest Writer, Mery.-! Vote in the poll too:

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  1. Miloshki's take on this skirt is on point!