Friday, 21 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #136

It's Friday! Yay^ I'm relieved as I've had a very busy week! Time for the next challenge post, this time featuring another old Hotbuy, the Gold Chains Bag from RIO which came out in April 2014, so 3 years ago, and I definitely haven't styled it that much in that length of time - this piece is great and easy to style, so I'm sad that I've neglected it! I think it works well in classic styles and the black colour and gold chain make it easy to match with other pieces. I also love the style, the over-shoulder position is great and I love the strap down to the hand, it's totally unique in this way, although I'd love more choices like this on Stardoll =) I stepped a little outside of my box for the look, but I think it suits the street style that these jumpsuit trousers give. The black polo is a good base and fits with the overall look well. I accessorised with just a little gold, matching the bag, but also letting that big chain stand out and catch your eye!