Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #134

Feeling feminine in pink sparkles today as part of the challenge post^ This bag is the Paris Bag from Young Hollywood and I've had it since it came out but haven't ever quite known what to do with it - for some reason I just always find it a tricky piece and push it away after a few styling tries (in fact I gave it a go in the Wear My Closet Challenge, anyone remember that?!)! I went for a focus on purple initially, and I think these trousers are a winner, and these Dior shoes fit nicely. Struggled a little with a top, and I definitely settled on this one rather than taking a little time to find something perfect, but I think it works alright. Pink and sparkly with this cardi definitely stands out - is it the best match? No, but I quite like it this time around =D

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