Friday, 28 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #139

I am so. Glad. It's. Friday!!! I am exhausted and I'm looking forward to a little relaxing this weekend! Today another challenge post, this time featuring the Gilded Snuff bag from Young Hollywood - it sure is an oldie, back from 2011, and maybe some of you guys have never seen it before! When thinking about this bag my mind always goes immediately to dresses, for some reason I always think it looks best with them! I did try just about every dress in my wardrobe before choosing this one, even though it's quite minimal, I think it's a great match for the bag and perfect for showing it off! The colours are complimentary and almost have a golden glow about them. I added a little more gold with a top underneath at the neck, but would also have loved to continue the gold with an understated pair of golden boots ... unfortunately I don't think they exist, so I settled for these, which definitely work, but those gold ones would have been perfection =D