Wednesday, 5 April 2017

F A L L E N A N G E L | Styled Outfits

This week started with a new release of Fallen Angel and some great pieces for us to add to our wardrobes! As expected, most pieces had a dark feel with romantic style textures and features included, along with a couple of brighter stand out items. I found it easy to pick out a few items that I think I was missing in my wardrobe and I've given them a style for you guys today =) I'm looking forward to styling the Alexander Wang Inspired Bucket Bag in a challenge post, so for now the clothing pieces. 1 The Lace Tuille Floral Dress, the red flowers make a good feature to focus on in terms of colour pairings, but the black and chiffon give good bases to follow through with. 2 The Fringe Knitted Skirt is a standout piece with a sheer flipper-style, it's easy to pair with a lot of different tops and I like the continuity it has with this black polo sweater. 3 Lastly the Cold Shoulder Black Blouse which is the most casual piece, and also affordable in SC's. I like the collar and shoulder style combination, along with the very casual feel with the tied waist, I think this one has a lot of options for styling!

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