Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Platform style shoes are ones I always struggle with, no matter how cool or stylish they look in the Plaza or on another doll, as soon as they are on my doll they bring a styling-block to me! Today I'm giving these Soil Heels from Bizou a go, they've been on my wishlist a little while and they recently made their way onto my feet^ These are by far from the best looks for these platforms, but for me, I'm quite impressed and pleased that I managed to style them up =) I did go for all trousers, but I think I'd give a dress or skirt a go the next time as I'm sure they would look good too. I like the purple and blue tones to the shoes, and I like picking matching tones for clothes but they're also pretty versatile and I managed some different colours as well. Firstly some jeans, these match well with the blue strap and I kept the rest of the look simple with a white blouse and a matching blue bag - I think this really helps to highlight the blue in the shoes. Secondly a cool co-ord, the pink isn't quite a match to the shoes, but nonetheless does work with them quite well to highlight the darker tones of the shoes, which I've also added to with this purple bag - love this combination and I want to play with it some more too =) And lastly trying to turn these summery platforms into something super stylish! I don't think it's an 100% win, but I'm glad I gave it a go with these wide trousers - they themselves look good with the clothing, but I think I neglected the shoes just a little much in this look!