Tuesday, 11 April 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Green Feather Oversize Earring

Next up is the Green Feather Oversize Earring from RIO and this piece is a bargain at only 8SD's - a low price is always a bonus^ I didn't really have an initial opinion on the earring to be honest, I'm not one to follow the one-earring trend, so this one kinda flies under the radar for me - I do quite like it nevertheless. The jewel elements are very nice, and I like that the feather isn't too overpowering in the piece, it's just the right size for it I think =)
Thinking about it, I really should just buy two of these, because I'm still not sold on the one-earring, I like them as a pair, and I think that style would work for me a lot better - I struggled trying to get the trend to work, even though the earring is a nice piece. Ah well, never mind^ Vote in the poll too:

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