Sunday, 2 April 2017

Gucci Inspired Diamond Knit | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Spotted this great look by Mirdith featuring the Gucci Gucci Inspired Diamond Knit which was released not too long ago in the last set of Tributes - I really love how it stood out amongst the other designer pieces chosen like the shoes and bag but also how well it suited these casual jeans! I bought the sweater when the store was leaving the Plaza on a bit of a whim because I quite like sweaters but I haven't really put serious thought into styling it until now - and this is the outcome! I'm actually very pleased with it =) I followed the lead on the left and also used a collared shirt with a little of the tails sticking out the bottom - it looks good with the sweater I think. I kept it pretty minimal to let there be a focus on the red and the print of the sweater and I think this blazer and pair of skinny jeans are a good fit for the style. Accessorised with lots of red, love using these booties and this clutch combination - this was such a good exercise for me, and I look forward to wearing the sweater again =D

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  1. Oh I'm there! hahaha
    Thank you for the feature! :D xx