Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #137

Another HB bag today, and one I actually managed to style recently in a We Wear Hotbuys post! This is the Woven Print Bag from Original Future that we got wayyy back in October 2015 - that's starting to sound like a long time ago but it doesn't feel like I've owned the bag that long and only styled it once or twice! This styling came very naturally to me, which surprised me and also gave such a satisfying feeling =) I knew I wanted a red/orange trouser for this bag, and this lighter pair work nicely with the tones of the bag. I love how the shape of this blouse adds a lot to the style but also fits with the bulkiness of the bag too. A few golden accessories here and there work nicely as well. Overall, this is a pleasing look and I'm super happy =D